Nursery; When things don’t go to plan

Towards the end of 2016 we made a decision to put our two year old daughter into a private day nursery for one morning a week. The reasons for doing this were agonised over; the pro’s and cons drawn out in my mind over many a sleepless night and the questioning if it was the right thing for her, for me, for us as a family. more “Nursery; When things don’t go to plan”

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Goodbye Day care, hello Pre-school

Yep, just when you thought all the ‘starting school / pre school’ posts were done for another year, here’s a latecomer.

Our eldest, TG started her new pre school Wednesday last week. We were surprised it was so late in September so we had been counting down the days, to be honest. It’s  not because I’m a heartless mum who can’t stand being around her kids, but for a number of legitimate reasons…
more “Goodbye Day care, hello Pre-school”

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