Let it go – Living with childhood constipation

I’ve really debated in my mind whether to write this post about children and constipation – as, shock horror, it’s about poo. You know, that thing we all do, and no-one likes to talk about, hear about or think about. But, over the last few days I’ve realised that perhaps that’s part of the problem. more “Let it go – Living with childhood constipation”

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How NOT to potty train your toddler

“We waited until she was ready, then on her lead it happened so easily. She got it straight away and we never had any accidents!”

This is how OTHER PEOPLE’S KIDS potty train. Not, so it would seem, the kids of Mum Muddling Through. more “How NOT to potty train your toddler”

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Potty training; a different approach second time around

I once swore to myself I would never write a post about potty training. After all, who wants to read about someone else’s wee and poo?

Other Mums of two year olds, that’s who. more “Potty training; a different approach second time around”

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Guest post: Common Potty Training Problems

2017 – so much to look forward to..and then, there’s the small issue of potty training. Needless to say that didn’t make it onto my ‘excited about’ list this January. It’s okay though, I reckon we have a while to remain in denial. I know after last time I’ll definitely be waiting until we’re sure the timing’s right, and that I’m prepared in every sense of the word. 

Thankfully, Potty HQ got in touch to offer us all some much needed advice…and I need all the help I can get.

x MMT 

more “Guest post: Common Potty Training Problems”

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