Blog bucket list 2015

Chloe over at  Life unexpected inspired me this morning to think about this, or more to the point, share this post.

I started blogging in June, to give me a hobby, to learn something new, and to stretch my brain past the endless list of household chores, now I’ve been made redundant whilst on maternity leave. I love my two girls and all the crazy Shits (literally) and giggles they bring, but I wanted my ‘working week’ to have another dimension too.
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Pink Protests

Nurture or Nature? The love of Pink that is. I’m pretty sure in our case it wasn’t nurture, so I guess it must be some female predisposition to the alluring shades of coral, fuschia, and, in particular, baby pink.

We didn’t know we were expecting a girl, so our nursery was decorated a very gender non specific cream, with a jungle mural. If anything, it was a little ‘boyish’, but that was fine with us. I’m not really a pink girl myself, so the nursery was never going to be pink, or come to think of it, blue either.
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Revisiting childhood memories…and paying them forward

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…..I really, really do. And none more than my childhood holiday destination of Broadstairs, in Kent.

It is probably an hours drive from where we live, but as a small girl seemed such a lavish and tropical far flung location. We camped, mostly, but also stayed in a handful of seafront hotels, apartments, cottages and B&Bs over the years. That was when we were being REALLY posh.
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10 reasons I ‘dislike’ Facebook

As we’re getting to know each other, there’s something you should know about me.

I don’t do Facebook.

Sorry Mr Zuckerberg, this isn’t a slanderous dig at your work, just my personal opinion, formed over the last decade or so of being a Facebook addict – now in recovery.

Why? That is a question I find myself answering several times a week as I am constantly asked why I’ve gone cold turkey on the platform most (but not all) of my friends use to keep in the loop.
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‘I am the mum who’… inspired by Laura Summer, Blogging 101 homework!

So today’s blogging 101 homework challenged me to write a blog inspired by another blogger, which I commented on yesterday. I read many, but this one stuck in my mind, from, Laura’s lovely blog. It’s a fun meme on what kind of mum she is which she was nominated for by another blogger. I’ve seen a few of these ‘chain letter’ style blogs now and they are a great way to get your blog out there, and get introduced to new great writers.

Laura’s blog got me thinking. What kind of mum am I?
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Buying baby cups….a personal obsession?

Last week I had a major clear out of baby / toddler drinking cups, as I noticed one I grabbed out for a visitor was looking pretty ropey. TG is 3 1/2 now so some probably needed to be autoclaved…failing that, binned.
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10 things I’ve learnt about blogging… 4 weeks in.

It’s been a crazy 4 weeks since I stepped into the unknown. Here’s a few conclusions about blogging so far.
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Can Mum be cool?

In my pre-baby days I like to think I had a bit of street cred. An amazing circle of girl friends, a vibrant social life which saw me travel the world and party hard. I could be found most weekends at a gig of a cool band, a bar in London, a festival or just living it up and enjoying my twenties.

I fell pregnant on my 30th birthday which could be an ironic coincidence. As I left my twenties behind and celebrated the future that lay ahead (I’d been TTC nearly a year) I confided in my pals that my biggest fear was losing who I am, and becoming a boring frumpy mum. ‘That’ll never happen!’ Was the general response.

Even though I’m no longer 12, I still pine to be cool. *shame*
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An open letter to my youngest child – Blogging 101 homework

Hello little one, 

I know what you’re thinking, and I want a chance to explain. 

Yes, your sister does have 12 photo albums on the shelf, and you have none. I promise, I will sort out your pictures and do yours soon. Maybe I’ll do a few less this time if that’s ok? For space saving of course. 
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