WIN tickets to see @Andyoddsock LIVE on @CBBC and @CBeebiesHQ #AndyAndTheBand

As a blogger, you never know what’s going to come into your inbox. Life goals can be within an inch of your reach and then they crumble before your eyes. more “WIN tickets to see @Andyoddsock LIVE on @CBBC and @CBeebiesHQ #AndyAndTheBand”

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Raising Musical Children + Book #giveaway

“You’ll regret it when you’re grown up”. The words my Mum used when I’d begged and begged her to stop my piano lessons, which seemed to go on my entire childhood, yet never once saw me achieve a single grade, and had me in tears, hiding in the kitchen from the two hundred year old guy who came to our house to teach my brother and I each week. more “Raising Musical Children + Book #giveaway”

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Pop! For kids…Childrens book review

I haven’t reviewed a book since GCSE English. The days of watching your best mate try to wing it through the first couple of minutes before confessing in front of the class that she hadn’t read the book…

I’m not much of a reader myself these days (due to the inability to stay awake), well unless you can count Superworm, Wake Up Do Lydia Lou, That’s not my Fairy etc etc etc as reading. Which we do of course, read together religiously at bedtime. Reading with the girls is something I’m pretty passionate about and we always make the time to snuggle up at the end of the day and enjoy a book together.
more “Pop! For kids…Childrens book review”

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Throwback Thursday – A box of memories

Ok instead of rummaging around for momentous old photos of me which don’t have my face in (Hmmm getting trickier this being a no faced blogger lol), I’ve taken a different spin on the theme. Hope I dont get booted out by Sarah & Helen!

In the spirit of things and supporting 2 fab bloggers and their new linky, here is my throwback Thursday picture:
more “Throwback Thursday – A box of memories”

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