The Motherload; Carrying it all and dropping the ball

Life as a stay at home, work at home Mum can be a bit of a rollercoaster. There are plenty of high times when life feels one massive gift, when I’m channelling hashtag blessed; living the dream. When I laugh in the face of snow days, sick days, baker days and all other curve balls. But, there are also times when it can feel a bit of a downer, and things can get on top of you. more “The Motherload; Carrying it all and dropping the ball”

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Learning the things that all Mums need to know

Becoming a new Mum is a magical time in our lives. Feeling a living being, which you created, growing inside you fills you with so many emotions it is hard to keep a handle on them. One of those feelings is most certainly worry. If you are an expecting mother who isn’t worrying over every little detail, you should truly be in the running for Mum of the year. more “Learning the things that all Mums need to know”

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Turning into my Mum

It’s been creeping up on me for a while now. Recognising certain mannerisms in myself which are all too familiar, especially as I go through the motions of everyday tasks. A strange sensation, almost like Déjà vu – that you are acting out something which has already happened before. more “Turning into my Mum”

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Becoming a Supermum; the importance of a support network

I already fessed up on my hideous first attempt to make ‘mummy friends’ (cringe, I hate that term, sorry) : (the sausage roll mum) . It’s three and a half years on, and I’d hate for you to be imagining me still sitting home alone (with the kids obv), sobbing into a sweaty pastry. So here’s the rest of the story.

more “Becoming a Supermum; the importance of a support network”

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Goodbye Day care, hello Pre-school

Yep, just when you thought all the ‘starting school / pre school’ posts were done for another year, here’s a latecomer.

Our eldest, TG started her new pre school Wednesday last week. We were surprised it was so late in September so we had been counting down the days, to be honest. It’s  not because I’m a heartless mum who can’t stand being around her kids, but for a number of legitimate reasons…
more “Goodbye Day care, hello Pre-school”

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BOOTEA teatox review

I’d seen this product being shamelessly plugged by a load of Z-list celebs on my insta-feed, claiming they felt amazing, had lost weight etc etc by drinking this tea?

As a massive tea drinker, this seemed to be an amazing product : it was luring me in and I probed around to find a little more.
more “BOOTEA teatox review”

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Very Insignificant Mum Muddles Vs The Refugee Crisis

Tonight, I was going to write a post about a fad diet. But, like so many of us, I have had an uneasy feeling in my own skin since seeing the News on Wednesday, and it did not feel right to carry on as normal.

I’d heard previously about the ‘migrant crisis’, (I don’t even like that description) and I’d maybe formed some soft opinions about it being awful for those people, but ultimately, I’d got on with my day. I’d done the food shopping, made plans for the weekend, pottered at home, been to Bluewater, had a grotty week with the kids, and, I’m ashamed to say, had a good old moan about how they’d tested my patience.

I feel pretty pathetic now.
more “Very Insignificant Mum Muddles Vs The Refugee Crisis”

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Hide the bags #2; Autumn cosy

The evening temperatures are definitely dropping, and there’s nothing nicer than digging out the cosy clothes from the wardrobe at the end of the summer and getting ready to get snuggled up.

Normally, it’s a chance for me to maybe invest in a couple of work bits to see me through the season, but this year, my work uniform will be a little different, so why not invest in some SAHM work clothes 🙂
more “Hide the bags #2; Autumn cosy”

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It seems the sunshine has said goodbye for another year, maybe making a few ‘post show’ encores in September. In all honesty, it’s a bitter sweet goodbye for me. That British in-between seasons feeling is upon us, which makes us crave the coming change in temperatures, kick off the flip flops and get on our socks and boots. The idea of wrapping up in a coat seems a little bit lovely, and (dare I say it) I’ve heard people start talking about Christmas,

This week is what’s become our ‘holiday week’ ; usually Mr G takes the 2 weeks in August which span his birthday, and our wedding anniversary, and we try to go away, do major days out and make the most of the peak summer weather.

This year we were in need of a different kind of holiday.
more “Staycation”

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Baby Led Weaning: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Pre-kids, I’d never heard of baby led weaning, BLW. But, in those early days of motherhood, it’s one of the concepts that you’ll be worrying about frighteningly quickly once you’ve recovered from the shock of owning a real live mini person.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you know what it is, but just in case…. The idea is, that instead of spoon feeding your weaning baby pureed up fruit, veg, meats, combinations of the aforementioned, you allow them to pick up whole pieces of food themselves and gnaw away at the goodness. The benefits allow children to learn the textures, flavours, colours of real food themselves, and will stop eating when they are full.

So, in my experience of weaning x 2 here’s my honest (as always) review of baby led weaning (BLW):
more “Baby Led Weaning: The good, the bad, and the ugly”

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