Jammie Dodgers Oaty bites; Snack Review and #Giveaway

In our home we have one vegetarian, and one fussy eater. Finding foods and snacks everyone enjoys can be a minefield, except, when it comes to one food group; on that we stand united, and that is the contents of the biscuit barrel. more “Jammie Dodgers Oaty bites; Snack Review and #Giveaway”

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How to teach kids about recycling

We create a lot of waste, that much is obvious. What many people don’t know is that the majority of that waste is being improperly stored away. In fact, the waste problem is so big, that the landfills seem to be no longer sustainable. more “How to teach kids about recycling”

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Kids Need to Get Dirty: The Benefits of Outside Play Every Day

Over the school holidays it’s a given that whilst the sun shines, we will be outdoors and free. Even if it isn’t sunny to be honest – a bit of fresh air does wonders for everyone’s mood and stops us going stir crazy. After all, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Garden, park, even a walk to the shops or to post a letter – it all counts.

more “Kids Need to Get Dirty: The Benefits of Outside Play Every Day”

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It seems the sunshine has said goodbye for another year, maybe making a few ‘post show’ encores in September. In all honesty, it’s a bitter sweet goodbye for me. That British in-between seasons feeling is upon us, which makes us crave the coming change in temperatures, kick off the flip flops and get on our socks and boots. The idea of wrapping up in a coat seems a little bit lovely, and (dare I say it) I’ve heard people start talking about Christmas,

This week is what’s become our ‘holiday week’ ; usually Mr G takes the 2 weeks in August which span his birthday, and our wedding anniversary, and we try to go away, do major days out and make the most of the peak summer weather.

This year we were in need of a different kind of holiday.
more “Staycation”

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Revisiting childhood memories…and paying them forward

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…..I really, really do. And none more than my childhood holiday destination of Broadstairs, in Kent.

It is probably an hours drive from where we live, but as a small girl seemed such a lavish and tropical far flung location. We camped, mostly, but also stayed in a handful of seafront hotels, apartments, cottages and B&Bs over the years. That was when we were being REALLY posh.
more “Revisiting childhood memories…and paying them forward”

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Blogging or Jogging; Achieving a Blog-life-balance

Blogging or jogging*?

*May be substituted with cleaning, bathing, shopping, socialising, sleeping, internet browsing, watching, cooking.

As a new blogger, and a mum of two young children, I’m having doubts about where this new ‘hobby’ will fit in to my already hectic life.
more “Blogging or Jogging; Achieving a Blog-life-balance”

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Do princesses wear glasses?

Our first baby was born with her eyes wide open, taking everything in. As she grew those sparklers remained her most amazing feature, closely followed by her mop of sun kissed curly hair. Eyelashes to die for, and big brown ‘chocolate button’ eyes as deep as the ocean. 
more “Do princesses wear glasses?”

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Pulling my hair out…..of the carpet / plug hole / hair brush…..

When I imagined life as a mum there were a few parts of the deal that were pretty unpleasant, but I was happy to brace myself for. Sleepless nights, putting my career on hold, having a wobbly tummy. There was one thing however I must have missed in the small print, and certainly had never heard of before.

Post partum hair loss. AKA Telogen effluvium.
more “Pulling my hair out…..of the carpet / plug hole / hair brush…..”

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More about the muddle #Blogging101 homework

In an attempt to master this thing, I’ve signed up for a mini course in blogging aka Blogging101. So homework is to tell you a little about me.

Allow me to introduce myself, Mrs G. Mum of Baby-G age 8 months and Toddle-G age 3.5. Wife and social PA of Mr G for 10 years and counting.

I’m a professional going through redundancy whilst on maternity leave; A party animal in retirement; An exhausted domestic goddess wannabe; A modern day bohemian tree hugger. (Those who know me know I’m partial to a person hug too).
more “More about the muddle #Blogging101 homework”

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Here we go…….


So I made it through the set up and you made your way to me. Good start?!

Been toying with the blogging idea for a while, well, since I found out my temporary situation of maternity leave just became permanent. Yeah I’m gutted my job of 14 years just got made redundant, but maybe this is the start of the next chapter?

And I like talking. A lot. 
more “Here we go…….”

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