#Hidethebags: House of Fraser Spring wish list

There hasn’t been much bag hiding going on so far this year. The indulgence and spending of Christmas, and a busy few months have meant I have had to learn a bit of self-constraint when it comes to naughty impulse buys. more “#Hidethebags: House of Fraser Spring wish list”

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Hide The Bags #5: It’s Christmas!

Okay, okay…so it’s not quite Christmas but we are DEFINITELY now in December and that means all you Mums and Dads are probably busy scouring the shops and the web for those special gifts to make the big day magical. Some of you won’t have started, and some of you will smugly be admiring your parcels already wrapped, stockings stuffed. Either way, there will definitely be a lot of hiding of bags going on in homes everywhere.
more “Hide The Bags #5: It’s Christmas!”

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Hide the bags #4: Zara haul

I know you might be thinking that I was supposed to be on a budget (Ker-chinging in the changes: Mum on a Budget) since being made redundant. But you know what comes with being made redundant after 14 years service? A very happy payday. And I do need an outfit for Dangermouses christening…and a new coat (since Mr G spotted the 60-odd year old market trader off of Eastenders has the same one as me, which is falling apart).

So, I decided to do a spot of shopping that for once, did not involve Primarni or a food shopping trip turned clothing section accident.
more “Hide the bags #4: Zara haul”

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