HideTheBags; The work wardrobe

It’s fair to say that in the last five years there hasn’t been more of an excuse to invest in a ‘few’ capsule wardrobe pieces, than the big return to work.

I was somewhat under the impression that my brimming wardrobe(s) would be best kept in tact, just in case I ever did go back to work, but in reality, when it actually happened I realise how dated the contents had become. Not only were some items covered in dust and smelling musty, but I even spotted a few pieces that date back to my sixth form days (!).

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Finding style confidence and having fun with fashion again

I think one of the most beautiful things about growing older is finding a serene self confidence and lack of fear of judgement about menial things. Don’t like my hair? My tattoo? My bright clothes? It’s a pretty nice place to get to, when you realise you have let go of caring about anyone else’s opinion about your fashion choices. To laugh along with them and know you feel fabulous, sod the rest! more “Finding style confidence and having fun with fashion again”

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Hide The Bags Summer, Stripes and Swimwear

It’s been a while since I blogged my latest shopping haul, and as is typical after an influx of vouchers for my birthday, the beginning of June is often synonymous with the start of Summer with a big seasonal spend up. more “Hide The Bags Summer, Stripes and Swimwear”

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#HideTheBags: Botanical bedding and duvets

It’s fair to say my bed is my haven. King size, solid oak, smothered in a duck down duvet (all year round) and the place I can be found far too often snuggled up in, post 9pm. (We have been blessed with early risers). Whilst winter is all about the cosy, the warmth and the cuddles…I get pretty excited about the fresh luxury of a summer bed too. After all, there is nothing like the sensation of collapsing into a cloud of freshly laundered linen on a warm summers evening, windows wide open and a gentle evening breeze cooling down the heat of the day. more “#HideTheBags: Botanical bedding and duvets”

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Hide the bags #3; Calm kitchen

As you already know (OUR BIG BUILD) we spent the early summer building our dream kitchen…so it would be rude not to fill it with some gorgeousness, in the form of an a selection of accent coloured accessories.

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