A #halloween themed birthday party with @Tesco (every little helps)

We are throwing a Halloween themed second birthday party for Dangermouse this weekend. So here I am, in that ‘one week to go before the party’ zone and I’m quite frankly wondering what on earth I was thinking when this seemed a good idea.

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A spook-tacular #Halloween delivery from @Tesco

There is absolutely nothing unusual about seeing a Tesco delivery van outside our home. Since the littles arrived, the option to have our shopping carried to the fridge by a lovely Mr/Mrs Tesco (as opposed to reaching the checkout close to tears, hot and stressed out) has been our preferred method.

This week however, our Tesco delivery got the kids peeking out of the window in excitement, the neighbours curtains twitching and the passers by beeping their horns… more “A spook-tacular #Halloween delivery from @Tesco”

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MMT’s guide to PYO Pumpkins

As a child growing up in the 80’s halloween was pretty low key. Trick or treating was something American kids did on TV, I don’t remember dressing up in much other than a white sheet with eye holes cut out, and the highlight was playing bobbing for apples with a bucket on the kitchen floor.

I think we may have had a pumpkin once, or twice, but Halloween certainly wasn’t the epic event it seems to be these days.
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