Does Baby Brain really exist? The science is in…

*Collaborative guest post

Yes, the ‘baby brain’ phenomenon truly does exist! A team of scientists from Australia has finally managed to collect empirical data to prove that cognitive function in pregnant women and new mothers does decline. In their study, published at the beginning of the year in the Medical Journal of Australia, the researchers provided proof of cognitive, memory, and executive functioning changes that occur in pregnant women’s brains. more “Does Baby Brain really exist? The science is in…”

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Guest Post: Becoming a long term Foster Carer in Scotland

*This is a collaborative guest post

There are thousands of children currently living with foster care families in Scotland but estimates suggest that to continue to meet the needs of children in care now and in the future, over 600 new foster families will need to be recruited. more “Guest Post: Becoming a long term Foster Carer in Scotland”

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GUEST POST: The new dads survival guide

For new mums muddling through, there is plenty of online help and support. Since the early noughties, mums have taken to the blogosphere to share their tales of terror and triumph. But what about dads muddling through? There are a few decent dad blogs, but overall, the trials and tribulations facing first-time fathers is something of a secret. more “GUEST POST: The new dads survival guide”

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GUEST POST: Tricks to help you teach your child healthy eating habits

Even if we started them early, it can be tricky to get our kids to eat healthy. Kid food isn’t generally designed to be healthy — it’s designed to be tasty. Tasty treats are great, but when they sacrifice nutrition for flavor, they end up being empty calories. How can you help teach your kids healthy eating habits, when kid-friendly foods are working against you? more “GUEST POST: Tricks to help you teach your child healthy eating habits”

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How to raise a highly sensitive child

People without children underestimate the formidable task of child-rising, especially the role Moms play in raising happy, healthy, and emotionally-balanced kids. This is because they rarely catch a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes drama that most Moms have to deal with as a matter of course. They see Moms as counselors, advisors, teachers, and coaches, but rarely see them diligently working on keeping the bathroom a safe place from slips and falls and burns from scalding water, regulating meal-times and bedtimes, and patiently explaining to curious little minds how life works. more “How to raise a highly sensitive child”

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Guest Post: The Cornerstones of Early Development

As parents, our primary role in our little nestlings’ lives is to provide them with a path of unstifled growth. But in addition to showering them with love, nurturing and patience, we need to make sure that they have enough stimulation and challenges to foster that progress. more “Guest Post: The Cornerstones of Early Development”

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Guest post: Autumn Inspired Interiors

Summer, as ever, has disappeared and just like every year I am surprised by my excitement for falling leaves, darker evenings and cosy nights in. It’s so easy to forget how lovely the rich colours are, how snug it is in our big Winter coats and much we appreciate a warm drink when our hands are chilly. These feelings can be brought into our homes and the lovely MMT has very kindly lent me your ears to share some of the ways I bring this gorgeous season into my interiors: more “Guest post: Autumn Inspired Interiors”

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Guest Post: 7 reasons every new Mum should try babywearing

Hello, my name is Jennifer Taylor from MomTricks, and I’m here to spread the word about babywearing, which is a wonderful practice that’s been around for thousands of years.

International Babywearing Week is a week-long, world-wide celebration of babywearing, and this year it runs from October 2nd to October 8th. more “Guest Post: 7 reasons every new Mum should try babywearing”

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A Child is born

My first son Jul was born, and like most mothers, I adored him and doted on him, and above all I wanted everything to be perfect for him, but sadly that was not to be.  Very early on my husband and I detected that something was not quite right.  more “GUEST POST: Nourish”

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GUEST POST: 5 Reasons why your child should understand that risk taking and failure can be good

One of the scariest things that anyone of any age can face has to be taking a risk and failing at it. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or if you are child, you might be tempted to play it safe, rather than risking a negative outcome. more “GUEST POST: 5 Reasons why your child should understand that risk taking and failure can be good”

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