Kidloland App Review & giveaway

I admit, I have never been a fan of seeing kids glued to ipads, iphones, games consoles. BUT. I get it. I’m a Mum, and sometimes we just need FIVE MINUTES PEACE in a way a jigsaw just ain’t gonna cut it. more “Kidloland App Review & giveaway”

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Disney Interactive Games review & competition #WIN a Disney Infinity starter pack

I can remember vividly the first time my daughter sat through a Disney movie, and absorbed every moment. It was The Jungle book when she was just younger than two. I’m not sure who loved that landmark moment more, her or me.  more “Disney Interactive Games review & competition #WIN a Disney Infinity starter pack”

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WIN £30 Party Bag & Supplies for your kids party

Kids parties. Love them or loathe them they are part of the deal of parenting.

Your weekends will slowly be filled by them. Your cupboards will be filled with a never ending supply of sweets – more than your child could eat in a year. You’ll have three inches of party bag toys at the bottom of your toy boxes…don’t even think about throwing them away because your children can’t get enough of them.

more “WIN £30 Party Bag & Supplies for your kids party”

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January Survivor… #BlooMonday – Bloo Giveaway

Christmas is over.

It’s dark.

I’m skint.

My jeans feel tight.

I’ve already failed at at least two New Years resolutions.

It’s freezing.

January…it’s hard to stay positive at this time of year isn’t it? The buzz and anticipation of the Christmas Festivities, which quite frankly started before we’d even chucked out our rotten pumpkins, has left a Turkey-Baileys-credit card bill shaped hangover that’s in need of more than a couple of paracetamols and a berocca… Like, an accidental double payday, some sunshine, and maybe a summer holiday booking confirmation.
more “January Survivor… #BlooMonday – Bloo Giveaway”

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