Little White Lies of Parenting…the blogger edition

Back in January 2017 I hit publish on a post…“The little white lies of parenthood”. It’s occurred to me that as I’ve continued on my journey of raising girls, I’ve raised a few more urban myths along the way.

more “Little White Lies of Parenting…the blogger edition”

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Blogging as therapy

It’s something I read time and time again in various blog posts – how the cathartic process of writing about your problems can actually make them a little less heavy in your shoulders. more “Blogging as therapy”

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Quotes from the G-unit – October 2015

If you’re new to ‘Quotes from the G-unit’, this is my ‘kids say the funniest things’ / ‘we have to write this stuff down’ regular feature. I don’t want to forget these gems, and can’t wait until we have double the material when dangermouse gets vocal.
more “Quotes from the G-unit – October 2015”

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