Investing wisely in 2019

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Spare money at the end of the month? “What’s that?” I hear you cry.

Believe it or not, life circumstances can change for the better. End of childcare fees, loans coming to an end, pay rises and promotions, drops in mortgage rates and inheritance. Life may not always be hand to mouth, and if your financial situation were to change for the better, would you know where to put the extra cash?

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GUEST POST: How to Be A Savvy Spender in Your Twenties

When I think back to my financial situation in my twenties, the phrase ‘if I only I knew then, what I know now’ sums things up. That first taste of freedom, an income and no real ties left my healthy financial situation, in inexperienced hands, a little unhealthy as I approached my thirties. In fact, I spent most of my twenties repairing the damage of a couple of years of big spending, wrong financial decisions (particularly when it came to cars and car loans!) and fast living. Of course, if I had my time again, perhaps I wouldn’t change a thing, but this guest post certainly sums up the financial things I should have done better, perfectly.  more “GUEST POST: How to Be A Savvy Spender in Your Twenties”

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Guest post: 3 Money Tips for the Stay at Home Parent

Reducing from two salaries to one (in conjunction with increasing your household from two people to more) is no walk in the park. The financial impact for a stay at home parent is pretty obvious, and if you think it’s all coffee mornings, shopping and brunches you should think again. Being at home whilst trying not to spend isn’t easy, and there is a bigger picture to consider beyond the day to day self control of spending on bacon baps and lattes. more “Guest post: 3 Money Tips for the Stay at Home Parent”

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