Hide The Bags Summer, Stripes and Swimwear

It’s been a while since I blogged my latest shopping haul, and as is typical after an influx of vouchers for my birthday, the beginning of June is often synonymous with the start of Summer with a big seasonal spend up. more “Hide The Bags Summer, Stripes and Swimwear”

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#HideTheBags; Instagram shopping – Stripy Giraffe Review & #Giveaway

I don’t know about you guys, but sod the actual people watching, more than ever I’m using Instagram as a bit of a platform to lust after, stalk, pin and purchase clothes. more “#HideTheBags; Instagram shopping – Stripy Giraffe Review & #Giveaway”

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#HideTheBags; Autumn Supermarket Sweep

There is something about the change of season which makes your soul sing and your ability to resist a bargain go down the drain.Jumpers, jeans, boots. Dresses with tights, mustard tones and a new pair of kicks…I didn’t stand a chance on the weekly food shop really did I? The folk who introduced Mum clobber to the supermarket aisles really was onto a winner, and I have to say, this last month I’ve been unable to resist. more “#HideTheBags; Autumn Supermarket Sweep”

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#HideTheBags…Statement Converse; What’s your flavour?

When it comes to Mum Wardrobe essentials, a sturdy pair of pumps is a staple, and therefore a valid reason to partake in a spot of shoe shopping as required. more “#HideTheBags…Statement Converse; What’s your flavour?”

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#HideTheBags; Surf T Shirts by SALTROCK

Defining your style isn’t really a clear cut task is it? Like most women, my fashion sense presents in varying personas depending on the occasion, the weather and my mood, but can generally be categorised into the following brackets. more “#HideTheBags; Surf T Shirts by SALTROCK”

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Inside the wardrobe of a SAHM

According to a recent survey by Chums, only 13% of women think that the current Spring / Summer 2017 trends cater for a variety of different age groups and body sizes. more “Inside the wardrobe of a SAHM”

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Christening outfit twinning with @JoJoMamanBebe Spring Summer collection

As soon as a Christening invitation for our wonderful friends’ son arrived, I knew I wanted to treat all of us to a new smart outfit to wear. The girls have grown since last summer, my wardrobe is lacking on that certain ‘church appropriate formal wear’ (that hasn’t been worn and washed to death), and it’s the start of a brand new season of sunshine. #PerfectExcuse. more “Christening outfit twinning with @JoJoMamanBebe Spring Summer collection”

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Hide the bags #4: Zara haul

I know you might be thinking that I was supposed to be on a budget (Ker-chinging in the changes: Mum on a Budget) since being made redundant. But you know what comes with being made redundant after 14 years service? A very happy payday. And I do need an outfit for Dangermouses christening…and a new coat (since Mr G spotted the 60-odd year old market trader off of Eastenders has the same one as me, which is falling apart).

So, I decided to do a spot of shopping that for once, did not involve Primarni or a food shopping trip turned clothing section accident.
more “Hide the bags #4: Zara haul”

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Hide the bags #2; Autumn cosy

The evening temperatures are definitely dropping, and there’s nothing nicer than digging out the cosy clothes from the wardrobe at the end of the summer and getting ready to get snuggled up.

Normally, it’s a chance for me to maybe invest in a couple of work bits to see me through the season, but this year, my work uniform will be a little different, so why not invest in some SAHM work clothes 🙂
more “Hide the bags #2; Autumn cosy”

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Hide the bags #1 : Summer prints & Fringing

Much to the dismay of my husband, I have an affinity towards beautiful things and as such have a problem staying away from ‘stuff’.

Living way too close to one of the largest shopping malls in the UK, Bluewater, is therefore a bit of an occupational hazard for us local Mums. The baby facilities are way too good, resulting in frequent hiding of shopping hauls.

It’s too good an opportunity to not blog about, so welcome to my hopefully, regular (sorry Mr G) feature: hide the bags.
more “Hide the bags #1 : Summer prints & Fringing”

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