Another new year post…

I already published my first new year pledge post, but it’s still the first week of January so I’m not stopping there.

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Real superheroes can save the world…

This week is Amnesty International’s Friendship week. It’s being celebrated at Tigs primary school using a Superhero theme, which is the perfect representation of solidarity, strength and survival. At the end of last year I picked up a book at the library ; Teach your Granny how to text, and the same week we watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary ‘Before The Flood’. Both of these sources left me feeling inspired to make a difference on my carbon footprint, even a tiny one, to make a positive impact. And it doesn’t even stop at environmental issues; we could all make a difference with a little bit of kindness and community spirit. I want to be a superhero, so here’s the things I’m thinking about doing to save the world. more “Real superheroes can save the world…”

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