Helping your child’s cursive handwriting with Uniball #InternationalLiteracyDay

*Collaborative post

Today, on September the 8th, it’s international literacy day. Another crazy new ‘day’ you might think, but this has been a ‘thing’ since 1965, to highlight the importance of literacy across communities, societies and for individuals. Across the globe illiteracy continues to remain an issue across poverty stricken communities, and particularly an issue to education deprived women. But even right here in the UK the National Literacy Trust suggests that as many as 25% of adults are illiterate and struggling with day to day tasks. The quality of handwriting can have a direct impact in success of secondary and further education (Institute of Education), so getting it nailed early on is actually far more important than you may imagine. more “Helping your child’s cursive handwriting with Uniball #InternationalLiteracyDay”

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