Saying goodbye to the dummy

Note: Unless you have a small child who is heavily reliant on the pacifying effects of a dummy, you will probably be bored to tears by this post. If, however, you are are here by the power of google looking for the holy grail of how to wean a dummy, I feel your pain. Because, this time last week I was you. *waving from the other side* (and still can’t quite believe it).  more “Saying goodbye to the dummy”

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Ditching the dummy (epic fail)

[Other possible titles for this blog included ‘Feeling like the worlds worst mother’, ‘Epic parenting fail’, ‘breaking the baby’ and ‘Has anyone seen my sanity?’]

So Dangermouse, she, like a gerzillion other babies, has a dummy. I have to be entirely honest, I’m not a fan of seeing peachy little cherub faces with a coloured chunk of plastic in. I don’t want to be judgmental about it, I don’t want to cause a tidal wave of debate, I’m just being wholeheartedly open on the matter.
more “Ditching the dummy (epic fail)”

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