The G-unit go Ten Pin Bowling

As a family, we sometimes struggle for inspiration on things to do at the weekend, especially at this time of year. Soft play is out, obviously. Too cold and soggy for the park with a walker-in-training. Can’t face an epic long drive to the zoo / coast / farm. One child too little for the cinema…struggling, again.

So recently, since having the children, we have rediscovered the fun of ten pin bowling. When I say the fun, I’ll be totally honest, I’m pretty rubbish at it…but I am a huge lover of seeing my kids discovering new experiences, having a blast, and getting the whole family out of the house to enjoy something together, whatever the weather, away from the TV…oh, and also, NOT COOKING TEA. more “The G-unit go Ten Pin Bowling”

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MMT’s guide to PYO Pumpkins

As a child growing up in the 80’s halloween was pretty low key. Trick or treating was something American kids did on TV, I don’t remember dressing up in much other than a white sheet with eye holes cut out, and the highlight was playing bobbing for apples with a bucket on the kitchen floor.

I think we may have had a pumpkin once, or twice, but Halloween certainly wasn’t the epic event it seems to be these days.
more “MMT’s guide to PYO Pumpkins”

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