Christmas At Bedgebury

It honestly seems that with each Christmas that comes around, more and more incredible Christmassy activities pop out of the woodwork (or, more specifically, out of instagram) that sound like the perfect day festive family day out. Frankly, you can’t do them all, unless you have the bank balance of the Beckhams, but here is a little write up of one that came our way on this Christmas of 2018 which in my opinion is worth giving a go one Christmas should you get the chance… more “Christmas At Bedgebury”

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ROLL UP ROLL UP @ThePaulosCircus comes to town

Like most kids, our daughters have been obsessed with The Greatest Showman since they first laid eyes on it. Needless to say, I knew they would jump at the chance to see a real live circus, in an actual big top with breath taking stunts, hilarious clowns, and a whole dose of #DontTryThisAtHome.  more “ROLL UP ROLL UP @ThePaulosCircus comes to town”

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20 Things to do with the Kids in Kent this summer

It’s the first week of the summer holidays and there’s two things I like to do to mark the occasion. more “20 Things to do with the Kids in Kent this summer”

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A family day out to @PaultonsPark #PeppaPigWorld

Since our six year old daughter was tiny, visiting Peppa Pig World has been up there on the list of things we wanted to do. Despite cursing the hours we dozed in bed or on the sofa whilst our early riser would happily watch episode after episode on those bleak pre-6am mornings, there is no denying Peppa Pig has been a big part of our parenting lives. more “A family day out to @PaultonsPark #PeppaPigWorld”

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Kent Wildlife Trust; Events getting you closer to nature this Spring

There’s no doubting the fact that we are a family of wildlife lovers. Always looking for an opportunity to get outdoors and experience a little bit of Kent’s finest green spaces, we have talked about visiting Kent Wildlife Trust’s headquarters, Tyland Barn several times, but never quite got round to it (because has it EVER stopped raining?!). more “Kent Wildlife Trust; Events getting you closer to nature this Spring”

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The Beach at Bluewater

A huge shopping centre may not traditionally be the top of your list when planning summer activities with the kids. However, having one of the largest shopping Malls in the UK here on our doorstep in Kent, you’d be totally missing out if you didn’t pay Bluewater a visit this summer. more “The Beach at Bluewater”

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The G Unit visit…The Historic Dockyard Chatham

We live a short drive away from Chatham in Kent. In fact, I graduated from the Medway Greenwich University campus opposite Chatham Dockyard some years back; whilst I sat in the Maritime HQ studying chromatography, I never really gave the previous life of the buildings too much thought. more “The G Unit visit…The Historic Dockyard Chatham”

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A Shrek-tacular Day out with Vosene Kids; Dreamworks Tours Shreks Adventure

I should start by saying that my kids are Vosene Kids, and that’s nothing new. I’ve made no secret of my love affair with the Vosene kids hair product range for a few reasons. Firstly, it is a natural head lice repellent; have you seen my girls hair? The dreaded head lice have thus been avoided so far, as nit combing those real-rapunzel locks is my actual worst nightmare. more “A Shrek-tacular Day out with Vosene Kids; Dreamworks Tours Shreks Adventure”

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PARKLIFE…and why it Rocks.

We made it.

The long, wet, cold British winter is behind us. The sun has made a long awaited reappearance, and albeit a little chillier than we’d like, the spring days have rejuvenated a little bit of energy in all of us.

The Garden is no longer ‘off limits’ and the children, especially Dangermouse, have been having great fun exploring every little corner of it – as though it’s the first time they have ever been out there. more “PARKLIFE…and why it Rocks.”

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Best of British: 101 Ideas for Having Fun with the kids this summer

I’ll set the scene…it’s the holidays. No school, no nursery, no work. You and some friends have agreed to all hang out with the kids for an amazing day out.  It’s just a simple question of working out what to do. Easy, right?


Errrrrmmmm. *scratches head*

Sound familiar?

more “Best of British: 101 Ideas for Having Fun with the kids this summer”

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