The adventures of Dangermouse Part Deux

Back in 2015 I wrote a post about the antics of my adrenaline junkie baby. Her love of the wild side of life and ability to make us laugh, scared and shocked at every turn.

Almost three years have passed, so like every high adventure action epic, it’s time for the sequel. more “The adventures of Dangermouse Part Deux”

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The adventures of Dangermouse

Its funny how nicknames for your kids just ‘happen’.

Little Baby G has always been just that – little (2nd percentile to be precise). Since becoming mobile, at around seven months, she’s also become somewhat of a NUTTER.

And so, she became fondly known by all of us, as Dangermouse. (We have resisted naming her bespectacled sister Penfold;now that would just be mean wouldn’t it?!).
more “The adventures of Dangermouse”

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