Introducing my #BML17 sponsor @LitecupUK

It’s that time of year again when the buzz starts building for the biggest parenting blogger conference in the UK… BritMumsLive. Well, actually, this time last year, BML was a distant memory as it was held in June, but you get my drift. more “Introducing my #BML17 sponsor @LitecupUK”

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#Blogfest16 roundup, with thanks to #AdventuresInFruit

On Saturday, I headed over to Kings Cross for #Blogfest16, the blogging conference held annually by Mumsnet in London.

Having already made the step into the ‘real world’ side of blogging back in June for #BML16, I’m glad to say I was feeling way more relaxed and comfortable about getting stuck into what the Mumsnet #Blogfest16 had to offer. I also had the added bonus of having @AdventuresInFruit backing me, so I wanted to do them proud in representing their brand. more “#Blogfest16 roundup, with thanks to #AdventuresInFruit”

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Introducing my #Blogfest16 sponsor, #Adventuresinfruit

I wasn’t planning on attending any more blogging conferences this year. BML16 was an incredible experience, but the build up, the anxiety, the buzz, the info overload and the social networking (of the face to face variety) left me somewhat drained. Don’t get me wrong, it was epic – I loved it, but like the post newborn baby recovery stage, I wasn’t planning on doing it again for a while.

But then something hit. It’s called FOMO. more “Introducing my #Blogfest16 sponsor, #Adventuresinfruit”

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