#HideTheBags Rebranding second hand fashion

If I think back to seventeen year old me, she would rather be seen dead than in a charity shop.

Come to think of it, probably twenty five year old me wouldn’t be too different. And even, if I’m brutally honest, thirty five year old me too.

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HideTheBags; The work wardrobe

It’s fair to say that in the last five years there hasn’t been more of an excuse to invest in a ‘few’ capsule wardrobe pieces, than the big return to work.

I was somewhat under the impression that my brimming wardrobe(s) would be best kept in tact, just in case I ever did go back to work, but in reality, when it actually happened I realise how dated the contents had become. Not only were some items covered in dust and smelling musty, but I even spotted a few pieces that date back to my sixth form days (!).

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Inside the wardrobe of a SAHM

According to a recent survey by Chums, only 13% of women think that the current Spring / Summer 2017 trends cater for a variety of different age groups and body sizes. more “Inside the wardrobe of a SAHM”

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Christening outfit twinning with @JoJoMamanBebe Spring Summer collection

As soon as a Christening invitation for our wonderful friends’ son arrived, I knew I wanted to treat all of us to a new smart outfit to wear. The girls have grown since last summer, my wardrobe is lacking on that certain ‘church appropriate formal wear’ (that hasn’t been worn and washed to death), and it’s the start of a brand new season of sunshine. #PerfectExcuse. more “Christening outfit twinning with @JoJoMamanBebe Spring Summer collection”

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