Tread-ing on thin ice; how not to do tyre maintenance

Back in January last year I wrote a post about getting the car Winter ready, and even put there in black and white that we’d been given the green light on our tyres for a little longer… I put it there for all to see that we’d definitely get the tyres re-checked and replaced ‘soon’. more “Tread-ing on thin ice; how not to do tyre maintenance”

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#WinterIsComing (travel safe guys)

Sadly, this is not a blog post about the debauchery and drama of Game of Thrones, a post deliberating is he isn’t he (Jon Snow fans, you know what I’m talking about).

It’s about the other type of Snow. The white stuff, which, according to my weather fanatic husband, is really coming this week. I’m sceptical, as always.
more “#WinterIsComing (travel safe guys)”

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