A guide to giving your career a boost

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If you’re a busy mum who wants it all – a happy family and a successful career so you can provide your family with everything you feel they deserve, then you’re going to want to know how to give your career a boost. Below, this quick guide will give you some advice that will be a huge help to you on your journey.

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What if being Mum isn’t enough? The future, career and motherhood

The landscape of motherhood is forever changing isn’t it? As we approach October, and our youngest daughter’s fourth birthday, there’s been a wind of change in the air around here. I hasten to add these are my thoughts, my feelings and are not intended as a slur on anyone else’s life decisions..it’s just how I am currently reflecting on where my life is at, and more importantly, where it’s heading. more “What if being Mum isn’t enough? The future, career and motherhood”

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GUEST POST; How I Re-Trained To Become A Legal Secretary

Having spent 3 years at home, apparently “not working” (although being a mum is without doubt the biggest career change of all), I finally decided to bite the bullet and head back out into the real world. more “GUEST POST; How I Re-Trained To Become A Legal Secretary”

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5 flexible jobs for a career orientated Mum

Whether you are a single mum or married with children, one of the hardest things to do is reconcile work with your responsibilities as a parent. It is hard to juggle everything, but Mums have an innate ability to adapt and once they have taken the appropriate steps, they can’t be stopped. Fortunately, thanks to the internet and the great variety of job sites, one can find jobs more easily and many also offer work-at-home or part-time positions that allow parents the freedom to spend more time with the kids. more “5 flexible jobs for a career orientated Mum”

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#skillspaybills – Earning money from your blog

In January 2017 I applied for a part time job. It was in a totally different sector to my previous career, the money was hideous, and I would have needed to pay childcare fees for my two children to accommodate the hours. more “#skillspaybills – Earning money from your blog”

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Flexible career options for new Mums

I constantly wonder what career options there are for me going forward. Although currently happy as a Stay At Home Mum (groan, hate that term) I know one day I’ll be going back to work in some shape or form. But what will it be? I know in an ideal world I need that work that works for my family and I. Flexibility is a massive driver for the path I take, and I know many other parents struggle to find that perfect work life balance when their life includes the ties and constraints of a young family. 
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