Bucket List Dreams ; The Northern Lights

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Now we are in 2020 I can officially say that next year I will turn 40. It’s certainly a milestone age for a reason and it seems the perfect time to not only look at how far you’ve come, but also to think about where you are going. Or, more specifically, where you would love to go.

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Blog bucket list 2015

Chloe over at  Life unexpected inspired me this morning to think about this, or more to the point, share this post.

I started blogging in June, to give me a hobby, to learn something new, and to stretch my brain past the endless list of household chores, now I’ve been made redundant whilst on maternity leave. I love my two girls and all the crazy Shits (literally) and giggles they bring, but I wanted my ‘working week’ to have another dimension too.
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