Developing a blog strategy

When I first started blogging, almost a year ago, my posts were somewhat erratic in frequence. I’d write when I felt inspired, and hit publish when I thought the post was good to go. There was definitely no planning, no scheduling and absolutely no strategy. more “Developing a blog strategy”

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When the blog days are over

Have you ever thought about the end of your blog?

I have read countless blog posts dissecting the first week, month, six months, year of blogging. I’ve read many a post of the bloggerati, whose years of blogging have earned them a well deserved spot in the blog-hall of fame. The success stories are so inspiring. But what about the ones who didn’t make it? Where do blogs lay to rest when their days come to an end? When the time comes, how the hell do you decommission a blog anyway? more “When the blog days are over”

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6 months of blogging

Back in the summer, when I lay awake one night imagining all the things I’d blog about, I didn’t really comprehend all that there is to creating and maintaining a blog.

It’s more technical than I imagined. It’s more about reading than writing. It’s more about looking outwards, connecting with people, than an isolated exercise of regurgitating your own thoughts and feelings on to paper. (Sorry, screen.)

4 weeks in, I reflected on what I’d learnt. As I approach 6 months of blogging, I wanted to take another gate review, and share some of the things I’ve learnt along the way – particularly for any new bloggers reading this.
more “6 months of blogging”

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Blog bucket list 2015

Chloe over at  Life unexpected inspired me this morning to think about this, or more to the point, share this post.

I started blogging in June, to give me a hobby, to learn something new, and to stretch my brain past the endless list of household chores, now I’ve been made redundant whilst on maternity leave. I love my two girls and all the crazy Shits (literally) and giggles they bring, but I wanted my ‘working week’ to have another dimension too.
more “Blog bucket list 2015”

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10 reasons I ‘dislike’ Facebook

As we’re getting to know each other, there’s something you should know about me.

I don’t do Facebook.

Sorry Mr Zuckerberg, this isn’t a slanderous dig at your work, just my personal opinion, formed over the last decade or so of being a Facebook addict – now in recovery.

Why? That is a question I find myself answering several times a week as I am constantly asked why I’ve gone cold turkey on the platform most (but not all) of my friends use to keep in the loop.
more “10 reasons I ‘dislike’ Facebook”

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