Blogging; When opportunity knocks (but you aren’t coming out to play)

When I started blogging almost three years ago, I had a clear and concise idea of how it would pan out. Kids sleeping / at nursery + laptop out = blog. Wearing slippers, TV on in the background and a brew on the side. more “Blogging; When opportunity knocks (but you aren’t coming out to play)”

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10 things bloggers should probably be doing

Blogging advice…if you want it, it’s out there. In fact, even if you don’t want it, it’s out there. You can delve deep into the words of the blogging icons, or revisit your past in the ‘things I’ve learnt in my first  hour / week / month / year / decade of blogging posts. more “10 things bloggers should probably be doing”

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Measuring success; #IAmABlogger

A few weekends ago I was finally lucky enough to get my hands on a ticket to a ‘Lucky Things Meet Up’ event in London – a seminar and networking event organised by Sunita from ‘Lucky Things Blog‘.  The theme of the event was ‘Career confidence’, and whilst I planned my journey and my outfit it occurred to me that this perhaps was the worst themed event I could have gone to. After all, I’m on a career break, being ‘just’ a stay at home Mum, doing ‘not much really’ as I so often respond to the question ‘What are you doing now?’. more “Measuring success; #IAmABlogger”

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#skillspaybills – Earning money from your blog

In January 2017 I applied for a part time job. It was in a totally different sector to my previous career, the money was hideous, and I would have needed to pay childcare fees for my two children to accommodate the hours. more “#skillspaybills – Earning money from your blog”

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As Christmas and my planned blogging break grows closer, there is just one post left to publish. Which is a good thing as I still have so so much to do and I need to switch off from the blog.

I’ve always admired those who manage to celebrate life with a regular gratitude list – monthly, weekly or even daily. Maybe that’s something I’ll try and do next year, or maybe I’ll just manage an annual look back and smile.

So what did 2016 mean to me? more “TWENTYSIXTEEN”

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The health hazards of blogging

Does anyone really know the long term health risks associated with blogging? I consider myself a mere toddler in the lifespan of a blogger, however I’m already noticing some RSI (bogging associated) flare ups…

more “The health hazards of blogging”

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The weirdness of blogging

I’ve made no secret that I’m a little bit shy about my blog. I suppose a big part of that, is that I just haven’t quite come to terms with my position as a blogger. Even though I’m passionate about my blog, my message and my readers, I still feel a bit weirded out by the whole thing.

more “The weirdness of blogging”

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My blog birthday: What I did (and didn’t) achieve in a year of blogging….

The years of my children’s lives are flying by, as everyone said they would. None more so than my third baby, So, from one cliche to the next, this post is to wish my blog a happy first birthday. more “My blog birthday: What I did (and didn’t) achieve in a year of blogging….”

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Developing a blog strategy

When I first started blogging, almost a year ago, my posts were somewhat erratic in frequence. I’d write when I felt inspired, and hit publish when I thought the post was good to go. There was definitely no planning, no scheduling and absolutely no strategy. more “Developing a blog strategy”

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When the blog days are over

Have you ever thought about the end of your blog?

I have read countless blog posts dissecting the first week, month, six months, year of blogging. I’ve read many a post of the bloggerati, whose years of blogging have earned them a well deserved spot in the blog-hall of fame. The success stories are so inspiring. But what about the ones who didn’t make it? Where do blogs lay to rest when their days come to an end? When the time comes, how the hell do you decommission a blog anyway? more “When the blog days are over”

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