The Mum beauty tip exchange #ExpertsInBeauty

When Ellisons contacted me regarding their #ExpertsInBeauty campaign I was really excited to talk about the topic. Steering away from the conversations we have down at the park or soft play cafe about potty training, child behaviour and horror stories of sleepless nights, I was happy to talk about us – the parents for a little while.

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New dress, new shoes, knee problems; The beauty perils of motherhood

“Who on earth are you Whatsapping pictures of your knees to?”

It has become somewhat of a ‘private joke’ between some of us supermums. We had been discussing  why becoming a mother does crazy stuff to your knees? What IS that all about? It would seem that apart from the, ahem, ‘obvious’ bodily parts taking somewhat of a battering in the process of becoming a Mum, the continued assault of nappy changes, bath time, crawling through tunnels at soft play,  wiping up spag bol from the floor under the high chair etc has left our knees, pitifully on their knees. Each bearing a discoloured, dry, tough as old boots patch which remind me a little of my dear old pet tortoises little legs. RIP Joey Essex.
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