My Babywearing experience : International Babywearing week

I think some folk tend to think of ‘babywearing‘ as being associated with a stereotype – perhaps an earth mother, co-sleeper, long term breast feeder, wearer of floaty clothes and tye dye. That kind of grates, because I don’t really agree with popping anyone in a box with a label because of any given parenting style or choice. more “My Babywearing experience : International Babywearing week”

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Guest Post: 7 reasons every new Mum should try babywearing

Hello, my name is Jennifer Taylor from MomTricks, and I’m here to spread the word about babywearing, which is a wonderful practice that’s been around for thousands of years.

International Babywearing Week is a week-long, world-wide celebration of babywearing, and this year it runs from October 2nd to October 8th. more “Guest Post: 7 reasons every new Mum should try babywearing”

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