Toddler Hair Envy

Thanks Becky over at cuddle fairy  for inspiring me to crack on with this post that’s been burning a hole in my blog-pocket. Her post taught me yesterday I need to invest in a  Tangle Tamer. Heres why…

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A nightmare called childcare

I can’t remember the exact time I started stressing over childcare issues, but it was probably shortly after the ‘stressing over wanting to be pregnant’ stage.

For a brand new mum, there is little more daunting than the prospect of leaving your child. Be it to return to work, for a much needed break or in an emergency situation.

Over the 3.5 years of parenting so far, we seem to have navigated through several different types of childcare. Poor T-G must feel dizzy on that roundabout of people taking care of her, although in hindsight, she’s probably a tougher little cookie for it. We also survived, so here’s some pros and cons of the different options we learnt along the way.
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Blogging or Jogging; Achieving a Blog-life-balance

Blogging or jogging*?

*May be substituted with cleaning, bathing, shopping, socialising, sleeping, internet browsing, watching, cooking.

As a new blogger, and a mum of two young children, I’m having doubts about where this new ‘hobby’ will fit in to my already hectic life.
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Do princesses wear glasses?

Our first baby was born with her eyes wide open, taking everything in. As she grew those sparklers remained her most amazing feature, closely followed by her mop of sun kissed curly hair. Eyelashes to die for, and big brown ‘chocolate button’ eyes as deep as the ocean. 
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‘I am the mum who’… inspired by Laura Summer, Blogging 101 homework!

So today’s blogging 101 homework challenged me to write a blog inspired by another blogger, which I commented on yesterday. I read many, but this one stuck in my mind, from, Laura’s lovely blog. It’s a fun meme on what kind of mum she is which she was nominated for by another blogger. I’ve seen a few of these ‘chain letter’ style blogs now and they are a great way to get your blog out there, and get introduced to new great writers.

Laura’s blog got me thinking. What kind of mum am I?
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Buying baby cups….a personal obsession?

Last week I had a major clear out of baby / toddler drinking cups, as I noticed one I grabbed out for a visitor was looking pretty ropey. TG is 3 1/2 now so some probably needed to be autoclaved…failing that, binned.
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10 things I’ve learnt about blogging… 4 weeks in.

It’s been a crazy 4 weeks since I stepped into the unknown. Here’s a few conclusions about blogging so far.
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Can Mum be cool?

In my pre-baby days I like to think I had a bit of street cred. An amazing circle of girl friends, a vibrant social life which saw me travel the world and party hard. I could be found most weekends at a gig of a cool band, a bar in London, a festival or just living it up and enjoying my twenties.

I fell pregnant on my 30th birthday which could be an ironic coincidence. As I left my twenties behind and celebrated the future that lay ahead (I’d been TTC nearly a year) I confided in my pals that my biggest fear was losing who I am, and becoming a boring frumpy mum. ‘That’ll never happen!’ Was the general response.

Even though I’m no longer 12, I still pine to be cool. *shame*
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An open letter to my youngest child – Blogging 101 homework

Hello little one, 

I know what you’re thinking, and I want a chance to explain. 

Yes, your sister does have 12 photo albums on the shelf, and you have none. I promise, I will sort out your pictures and do yours soon. Maybe I’ll do a few less this time if that’s ok? For space saving of course. 
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Pulling my hair out…..of the carpet / plug hole / hair brush…..

When I imagined life as a mum there were a few parts of the deal that were pretty unpleasant, but I was happy to brace myself for. Sleepless nights, putting my career on hold, having a wobbly tummy. There was one thing however I must have missed in the small print, and certainly had never heard of before.

Post partum hair loss. AKA Telogen effluvium.
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