Collecting Lamaze, collecting memories + Freddie Firefly #Giveaway with @LamazeOnline

I guess I’ve always been a collector of things. Not in a hoarder next door kind of way, but just in an appreciation for lovely trinkets, complete sets, or just random things in different phases of my life.  I can never come home from the beach without a pocket full of shells. more “Collecting Lamaze, collecting memories + Freddie Firefly #Giveaway with @LamazeOnline”

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Mass Exodus : When it’s time to clear the baby gear

Over the last few weeks we have had to face something we’ve been putting off for a while now. You could say we have put it at the back of our minds, or more accurately, shoved it in the top of our house. more “Mass Exodus : When it’s time to clear the baby gear”

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Wanting a baby

“So, are you done?”. “Do you think you’ll have any more?”. “Would you like to try for a boy?”. more “Wanting a baby”

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9 types of sleep deprivation

I’m sorry. I was that smug Mum that you got chatting to who you wanted to poke in the eye, as she described how her baby slept all night every night from a ridiculously young age. I realise now how much you must have hated me.

I hope it consoles you that I am paying for it now. ‘No two babies are the same’; never was a truer word said when it comes to sleep, in our house.
more “9 types of sleep deprivation”

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The adventures of Dangermouse

Its funny how nicknames for your kids just ‘happen’.

Little Baby G has always been just that – little (2nd percentile to be precise). Since becoming mobile, at around seven months, she’s also become somewhat of a NUTTER.

And so, she became fondly known by all of us, as Dangermouse. (We have resisted naming her bespectacled sister Penfold;now that would just be mean wouldn’t it?!).
more “The adventures of Dangermouse”

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Confessions of an anti-microbial Mum

I’m going to be straight up with you guys. This is a review. My first ever proper sponsored review in fact.

I was approached a couple of weeks back asked to review an online postal cake company, and after almost leaping off my chair to say yes, I mulled it over then thought, you know what, I don’t really like shop bought cakes? So it would feel kind of wrong? (PS I do LOVE a home baked choccy amaze balls cake, lemon drizzle etc etc before you switch off in horror).
more “Confessions of an anti-microbial Mum”

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It seems the sunshine has said goodbye for another year, maybe making a few ‘post show’ encores in September. In all honesty, it’s a bitter sweet goodbye for me. That British in-between seasons feeling is upon us, which makes us crave the coming change in temperatures, kick off the flip flops and get on our socks and boots. The idea of wrapping up in a coat seems a little bit lovely, and (dare I say it) I’ve heard people start talking about Christmas,

This week is what’s become our ‘holiday week’ ; usually Mr G takes the 2 weeks in August which span his birthday, and our wedding anniversary, and we try to go away, do major days out and make the most of the peak summer weather.

This year we were in need of a different kind of holiday.
more “Staycation”

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Baby Led Weaning: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Pre-kids, I’d never heard of baby led weaning, BLW. But, in those early days of motherhood, it’s one of the concepts that you’ll be worrying about frighteningly quickly once you’ve recovered from the shock of owning a real live mini person.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you know what it is, but just in case…. The idea is, that instead of spoon feeding your weaning baby pureed up fruit, veg, meats, combinations of the aforementioned, you allow them to pick up whole pieces of food themselves and gnaw away at the goodness. The benefits allow children to learn the textures, flavours, colours of real food themselves, and will stop eating when they are full.

So, in my experience of weaning x 2 here’s my honest (as always) review of baby led weaning (BLW):
more “Baby Led Weaning: The good, the bad, and the ugly”

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When to ditch the monitor?

Disclaimer 1: This post has nothing to do with minions

Disclaimer 2: Not likely to be a groundbreaking read, in fact if you don’t have kids, stop right here.

We moved little Baby G into her own room at 6 months, just 4 months ago. (Have you figured how old she is yet?!).

The thing is, things aren’t going so great. She goes to bed amazingly by 7 every night, and sleeps… ‘Like a baby’ until the nanosecond I get into my own bed and close my eyes. Then, she’ll wake every hour or couple of hours till the morning.
more “When to ditch the monitor?”

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Pink Protests

Nurture or Nature? The love of Pink that is. I’m pretty sure in our case it wasn’t nurture, so I guess it must be some female predisposition to the alluring shades of coral, fuschia, and, in particular, baby pink.

We didn’t know we were expecting a girl, so our nursery was decorated a very gender non specific cream, with a jungle mural. If anything, it was a little ‘boyish’, but that was fine with us. I’m not really a pink girl myself, so the nursery was never going to be pink, or come to think of it, blue either.
more “Pink Protests”

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