TFMR Moments; Speak Your Truth

A few weeks ago I posted a blog post opening up about my experience of TFMR, seven years ago. It was something that despite years of processing the trauma and healing, still felt incredibly difficult.

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Lets talk about Baby Loss #PAILRD #WaveOfLight #BLAW2018

Today, October 15th marks the last day of International Pregnancy And Infant Loss awareness week, marked by a international wave of light at 7pm local time in honour of babies gone too soon. One of the main objectives of this week is to remove the stigma associated with baby loss, and encourage people to talk openly about baby loss; to break the silence. more “Lets talk about Baby Loss #PAILRD #WaveOfLight #BLAW2018”

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GREATERSKIES Personalised star map review & giveaway

In our house, we have this thing with stars. I guess when you have experienced a life changing loss, there is often something that you associate with that moment in time, that person, which is a comfort to believe is always there in spirit. For some it’s feathers, butterflies, maybe Robins, but there is definitely something about seeing the brightest star in the night sky that makes us think of her. more “GREATERSKIES Personalised star map review & giveaway”

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Losing our baby at twenty three weeks

As I start this post, the one that’s probably always been inside me, I wonder if I’ll ever finish it, do it justice, or more still, publish it.

Since we started our rocky road of becoming parents we have experienced the relatively normal ‘highs and lows’ we all love to banter about – the sleepless nights, the messy business of weaning, the terrible twos, the threenagers and even struggling with parenthood altogether. But there will always be one all time low that even I can’t bring myself to bat around with any comedy twist, and that is losing our second baby at 23 weeks. more “Losing our baby at twenty three weeks”

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