#HideTheBags; Autumn Supermarket Sweep

There is something about the change of season which makes your soul sing and your ability to resist a bargain go down the drain.Jumpers, jeans, boots. Dresses with tights, mustard tones and a new pair of kicks…I didn’t stand a chance on the weekly food shop really did I? The folk who introduced Mum clobber to the supermarket aisles really was onto a winner, and I have to say, this last month I’ve been unable to resist. more “#HideTheBags; Autumn Supermarket Sweep”

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Guest post: Autumn Inspired Interiors

Summer, as ever, has disappeared and just like every year I am surprised by my excitement for falling leaves, darker evenings and cosy nights in. It’s so easy to forget how lovely the rich colours are, how snug it is in our big Winter coats and much we appreciate a warm drink when our hands are chilly. These feelings can be brought into our homes and the lovely MMT has very kindly lent me your ears to share some of the ways I bring this gorgeous season into my interiors: more “Guest post: Autumn Inspired Interiors”

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‘Tis the season …of seasonal asthma, colds and viruses.

No sooner had we all gushed about relishing digging out our jeans and boots, and instagramming beautiful photos of orange leaves, then we are cursing this damn season for the other joys it brings.

Pre children, the biggest dilemma a cough or cold brought was whether my snotty nose could justify a duvet day, or whether it would be a career limiting move, frowned upon by my colleagues.

As a new mum, I remember agonising whether I should cancel every play date or outing to a park, children’s centre or soft play at the very sight of a snotty nose.

We have certainly come a long way since then.
more “‘Tis the season …of seasonal asthma, colds and viruses.”

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Hide the bags #2; Autumn cosy

The evening temperatures are definitely dropping, and there’s nothing nicer than digging out the cosy clothes from the wardrobe at the end of the summer and getting ready to get snuggled up.

Normally, it’s a chance for me to maybe invest in a couple of work bits to see me through the season, but this year, my work uniform will be a little different, so why not invest in some SAHM work clothes 🙂
more “Hide the bags #2; Autumn cosy”

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