1000 days alcohol free

Sober milestones are pretty hard to come by once you pass the first day, week, month, quarter and year. That annual soberversary takes so long to come around and although it’s a special moment to reflect on the time gone by, you have to look a little bit harder for the moments to cheer yourself on.

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365 days alcohol free – so what?

Today marks a whole year that I have gone without drinking alcohol.

365 days since my last hangover. 12 months since I last threw up through over indulgence. 52 weeks since I felt the beer fear.

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Alcohol free living – “But what do you do when you’re sad?”

Ooh it’s been at least a few weeks since I last gushed about my brand new for 2018/19 booze free lifestyle. Ha ha, forgive me, but this curve ball is something I can’t get enough of sharing about.

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Thinking about cutting down on drinking or giving up alcohol for good?

It’s true to say that the standard reaction to my 180 turn around on booze is that of shock and horror, but at almost a year in to making the life changing decision to quit drinking completely, there have been plenty of folk whose ears have pricked up in curiosity.

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If you like Pina Coladas…Can you really enjoy an alcohol free holiday?

Like weddings, pub gardens, Christmas, Friday evening, Curry houses, roast dinners, hen parties, any parties; being on holiday is just one of those dreamy visions that’s always been incomprehensible to imagine without the standard alcoholic beverage in hand.

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Six months alcohol free. Spot the difference…

While we’re all grumbling about how long this winter has dragged on, and how the summer feels FOREVER ago, I’m quietly celebrating just how long ago August was, because it’s been an extraordinary six months since I decided to embark on a personal experiment of a life alcohol free.

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The twelve #AlcoholFree drinks of #sober Christmas

Apologies for once again, banging on about the new found life sans alcohol. I realise to some folk this is a total turn off, however I’m relishing in the amazement that I actually chose to spend a whole Christmas (well, five months and counting to be precise) declining any alcoholic beverages. It’s frankly the shock of the century, and to no one more than me. So forgive me whilst I celebrate my own achievements, humour me whilst I enjoy the ride on the sober train, albeit being a total trainspotter bore. more “The twelve #AlcoholFree drinks of #sober Christmas”

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