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Emmeline Pankhurst would be spinning in her grave as I reveal that in our home, the lions share of the cooking falls under my watch. Despite a few attempts for us to spread the load, the fact is that logistically, it’s all too easy for the responsibility of putting food on the table to lie with me.

For starters, even if Dad Muddling Through is working from home, the earliest he can log off is gone five; half six if he’s in London. By that time the kids are biting at our ankles and rummaging through the cupboards looking for anything they can get their hands on to eat.

Secondly, I’m a huge advocate for doing a one meal fits all approach to family cooking. Mums diner this aint, and therefore if I can throw a meal in a pot, even better a slow cooker, and deal with one set of dishes, then as far as I’m concerned, we’re winning. DMT may have to warm his up on a plate in the microwave, but happy Mum = happy household.

Finally, let’s acknowledge that we are all unique and blessed with different talents. If you need a spreadsheet, Dad Muddling Through is your guy…a coq au vin? Perhaps not. I mean god love him, he tries and in the past he has made a few great dishes – let’s overlook his penchant for adding in random stuff to classics which makes him feel all Ainsley Harriott. I guess the fact is he can and will happily rustle up a dinner if I asked him to, but I don’t always fancy something that comes in a box with instructions on the side to cook for thirty minutes at 180ºC. Come to mention it, beans and little sausages on toast either. And, I’m probably a little bit (a lot) of a control freak in the kitchen.

But, for twelve years now we have been on a loop… the same conversation arises every few months or so – that he would like to cook every now and again, and I, frankly, would bloody love that also.

I mean there has to be some middle ground here – a simple easy to prepare meal (with instructions on the packet), that actually looks and tastes amazing, and gives me a night off.

Step in Thai Taste and their easy Thai Curry kits. We received a bundle in the post and this seemed the perfect opportunity to get Dad Muddling Through to up his cooking confidence (and for me to back right off).

Thai food is something a little close to our hearts as we honeymooned in Thailand back in 2010, and one of our wedding gift list activities was a Thai Cookery lesson. Of course with the best intentions we never did recreate the magic of that lesson, but then again our biggest take home memory was giggling like school kids at the crazy one eyed chef who didn’t speak any English and hadn’t realised the amount of flies going in the pot. #IllPassOnTheTastingThanks.

And so, this week, no muddling required as DMT whipped me up an amazing Thai curry in just 15 minutes. The kit contained thai curry paste, coconut milk and herbs; he just added the reccommended chicken, baby corn and mushrooms and it was a taste sensation.

Plus, doesn’t food always taste better when someone else cooked it?

The packs also have a coupe of added bonuses too – a 75p off your next purchase voucher…and a entry code for a prize draw to win one of 150 signed Sebby Holmes Cook Thai books…or a trip for two TO THAILAND. It is in fact a holiday of dreams – including a visit to Bangkok, Chiang Mai ‘Thai for a day’ experience and a 5* beach stay in Koh Samui courtesy of Anantara Hotels and Audley Travel. I can vouch for the awesomeness of that package as it is exactly the tour of Thailand we did, all the way back in 2010.

So for this week, Prawns are on the shopping list so he can whip me up a Pad Thai or Red Thai Curry…perhaps finally we have a winning combination? With a bit of advance thinking and exploring new ideas, we can start to share the reigns in the kitchen a little.



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