You can stand under my Umbrella ; Susino X-brella REVIEW

It’s pretty ironic that after what has been the wettest March and April ever, the day three new brollies turned up on our doorstep, an unseasonable heat wave arrived with them. Having considered using them as a sunshade for the purpose of this review, I told myself to be patient, wait a few days and alas good old British weather did not let me down.

A decent umbrella is high up there on the list of Mum kit. Doing the school run 6 times a day with one at pre school and one at school means there is a pretty high chance of getting absolutely drenched at least ten times a week. And we all know if it’s going to rain, it’s going to be at eight thirty or three o’clock.

In recent years of grappling with a toddler on the school run, I haven’t even wasted my time trying to keep dry – with a buggy, dragging a scooter, carrying a toddler, I’ve quite literally just had to suck it up. I can at least head straight home for a change of clothes and emergency hair fix up. These days, however, we have hit a new dawn – one where the three year old will happily walk alongside her sister and I, allowing *drum roll* hands free for the purpose of brolly carrying.

I knew this day would come, eventually.

And so, like any threenager, to allow this magical scenario to play out, she must have one too. And let’s not get in to a full on sibling battle here, all that the little sister shall have, the elder sister must have too.

And so, as we see off the last of the April showers and get ready for the soggy BBQ season of british summertime, we are now all kitted out with fresh new brollies, courtesy of Susino.


Mum: Watercolour Floral Ladies Automatic Compact Umbrella (£19.99)

The school run brolly must be many things. Small – for shoving in a handbag / side pocket of the car for ‘a rainy day’ and ready to fold back up when the sun reappears in an instant (normally the instant you get back home). Windproof – because no one wants to be that fool battling an inside out umbrella in front of all the other parents. Beautiful – why not, it’s my brolly and it can be as gorgeous as I like. The Susino Automatic compact in floral watercolour ticks all of those boxes and more, and I’m sure this little gem will be my BFF on many a school run for years to come. It’s both small yet sturdy, with a strong web of framework and opening mechanism and feels like it will hold up to the challenge of the British school run test.

Tigs: Children’s Rainbow Coloured Walking Umbrella (£7.99)

For our allotment loving eldest daughter, I chose a bright rainbow miniature golf umbrella style. In all honesty I almost chose the adult version for myself. I love it because like her it’s colourful and bright, our own little rainbow on a cloudy day. Perfect for those surprise showers at the allotment.

The Mouse: Childrens Colourful Sausage Dog Clear Bubble Dome Umbrella (£7.99)

As ever, random as a box of frogs, this little one is obsessed with dogs. Sausage dogs to be precise. So there was only ever one choice – this super cute little bubble dome clear umbrella, with sausage dog print. Needless to say it went down a storm with her, and she couldn’t wait to use it, despite the lack of rain. We just need to work on technique for opening and closing, and the hows, whens and whys of umbrella use! This classic children’s style umbrella reminds me of my own childhood – every little girl should have bubble dome brolly memories!

All of the products we road tested were excellent quality and put huge smiles on everyone’s faces. I think a beautiful umbrella makes a great gift for adults and children alike – it’s the kind of thing you’ll always need, and yet often at the last minute can’t find!

My Susino X-brella is now safely tucked in the glove compartment of the car, ready for that unexpected shower. The girls however, I don’t know if they can wait that long to play with theirs…



Disclosure: We were sent the Susino X-brellas for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are my own.

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