Wood and wonder: Toy review

There’s no denying blogging can bring you many things. A feeling of solidarity. A new skill. A hobby to be proud of. A sense of community.

Today, blogging brought me a moment of relief in the shape of two little wooden toys for my kids to try out. A parcel delivered at the precise moment I was wondering how on earth I was going to entertain them for the next 4.5 hours until Daddy gets home.

Wood and Wonder, THANK YOU.

I had of course agreed to trial a toy from their site. I’d had a quick peek and it looked pretty decent stuff. The fact that the business is driven by a Mum trying to make her break with some good honest values was more than enough for me to agree to help out. We gotta stick together, right?


I prepared myself for the punch up over the toy (Dangermouse can enjoy the box?)…and was over the moon to see that inside the parcel there were in fact two toys…A doctors kit and a threading apple.

image image

Wood and Wonder, THANK YOU.

Both toys were marked up as suitable for age 3+, but in all honesty the apple threading toy was much more suitable for 16 month old Dangermouse under supervision (due to the cord) than Tigs. She loved it…perfect for her little hands to practice their new and always advancing dexterity. The apple is solid and heavy, with a bright shiny red coat. It feels like the kind of toy that will last forever. We also did plenty of singing ‘There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden’ whilst threading, and of course, wiggling.

image image

Tigs couldn’t wait to get cracking with the doctors kit either. In fact, she insisted we dig out the nurses dress which she has up until now refused to wear, in favour of something more pink and sparkly. The contents of the kit were really high quality and durable – what you’d expect from decent wood products, and a refreshing change from more plastic tat. I think the stethoscope actually picked up my heartbeat. (Yes, of course we tried).

image image

Both the toys we tested sparked something special in all of us. Fun. Screen free, imaginative play. Learning a new song and a dance, with smiles all round. For a while any way.

Wood and Wonder, THANK YOU.

You’ll be pleased to know that my Friday afternoon ‘the weekend is so near but yet so far’ migraine was fully nursed back to health that day, courtesy of Nurse Tigs and Dangermouse the dancing worm threader.

Yes, blogging can bring you many wonderful things.


Wood and Wonder, THANK YOU for sending us the toys to review in exchange for an honest review.



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