WIN £30 Party Bag & Supplies for your kids party

Kids parties. Love them or loathe them they are part of the deal of parenting.

Your weekends will slowly be filled by them. Your cupboards will be filled with a never ending supply of sweets – more than your child could eat in a year. You’ll have three inches of party bag toys at the bottom of your toy boxes…don’t even think about throwing them away because your children can’t get enough of them.

Age 1-4 Birthday

Some parties can be quite the spectacle…there are always the parents who go all out with the theme, leaving you wondering where the hell they got the frozen themed ‘air to breathe’.

Then, there’s the ones taking it back to the old school. A few kids, egg sandwhiches, pass the parcel and running around someones house like loons. And having the time of their lives.

There is always the soft play option. Greasy food and hyper kids, running around the padded cell. Bring Dads. Bring paracetamol.

Or my favourite type, the ones which are as much for the grown ups than the kids. Usually featuring a splendid adult buffet, bottles of prosecco on the go, and a warm and comforting group of mates that you are genuinely happy to be catching up with. You almost forget your kids are around somewhere celebrating a birthday.

I have found that already, 4 years into the ‘P-team’, the novelty has worn off a little. That said, birthdays need celebrating. So we’ve mixed it up year on year, and always made it special in someway or another. Big party, small party, family gathering…a few balloons, some party nibbles, banners, party plates and of course, party bags.

I’ve teamed up with Party Bags and Supplies to offer one of you £30 to spend on your little one’s birthday bits and pieces. The site is a one stop shop for everything ‘kids party’ you could possibly need…even if that is a little bit of inspiration! They have every theme covered, and can even do some of the hard work for you with their filled party bags.

Good Luck!


Party Bags and Supplies
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