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2018 has undoubtedly been the year of the Squishie in the Muddling Through Household. Since we were first  introduced to the bizarre concept of a foam novelty shaped stress ball back in February, the obsession has taken a firm grip of our six year old, whose squishie collection has grown steadily (and slowly much to the dismay of Tigs who could sniff out a squishie shop from a mile away).

In fact, extreme tactics have been required to dodge market stalls selling cheapy knock offs, as spotting  such retailers would send her into an emotional mess of “Pleeeeeeeease Mummy” and “Just one more!”.

One of the main issues being that such pocket money knick knacks are also then purchased for her little sister, who has the ability to rip the head off a squishie before we’ve even made it home (and off her sisters too given half the chance).

Yet still, when given the opportunity to choose a pocket money spend up or a souvenir shop keepsake, the Squishies have taken it every time for Tigs, and her treasured collection of six squishies has travelled far and wide with us, in their own special bag all summer long. They have been organised in size order, age order, been named, been lost and found, and been laid out for every house guest to choose their favourite MANY times over.

I guess the six year old girl in me can see the appeal – bright colours, cute characters, that got-to-squeeze-it texture, fruity smells and collectability. In my day, I’d have been all over that stuff too.

Imagine my extended excitement when Smiggle contacted me and asked if the girls would like to trial their newest additions in store…The second series of the Smiggle Squishie collection.

Errrr, yes please!

Featuring eight brand new colourful characters, the Smiggle Squishies are everything you’d expect from Smiggle. An explosion of vibrant exciting mash ups of food and fun, the eight strong gang are undoubtedly the premium of any other squishies we’ve run into yet. At £9 each (or 2 for £15) the price is fair in comparison to some of the one’s we bought elsewhere this year. The squishies are the largest of the girls collection and they definitely feel built to last with some gentle handling (Mouse I’m talking to you – but note the reccommended age for the squishies is 6+… so give to small fingers at your own risk!).

We were sent three series 2 Smiggle Squishies…

Mia & Mimi Mice Cream….which The Mouse claimed without hesitation.

Sparkles Kittycorn Cake…who will be the most loved Squishie ever courtesy of Tigs.

Frankie Fryger…who, in order to prevent an odd number meltdown I declared mine all mine. (Inner six year old remember).

The squishies came individually packaged in a sealed bag, ensuring the condition remains perfect to the point of first squish. If you’ve ever rummaged through a market stall box of squishies, you’ll know why. Small fingers have a habit of rummaging a little too vigorously leaving a few battle wounds – well not with the Smiggle Squishies.

Despite trying to play down the whole “we got mail”, The Mouse greeted Tigs at her classroom door screaming “We have new Squishies!” and the girls couldn’t believe they had been gifted their favourite things ever on an average Wednesday at 4pm at home (Thank you Smiggle for making two little girls’ day).

I suppose every adult ounce of me could look at the whole concept of a Squishie and declare it bizarre, a waste of money, a load of rubbish….


If you have a six year old girl (even if it’s one lurking inside of you), then you just KNOW. It’s the same reason I collected rubbers back in the 80’s, and the same reason I can never have enough beautiful new notebooks. Some things in life are just all about the joy, and that’s enough.

So, as I tucked up a very happy little girl into bed tonight, with a new addition to her bag of squishies poking out from under her covers, (after sewing up a worn out tear in the bag for her) of course there was only one thing to do. Frankie Fryger couldn’t have a better new home.


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