#Unicorn Cake Goals by Eat and Mess Bakery, Kent (Review)

Back in the early days of blogging I declined an invitation to review a personalised cake. Contemplating if I was insane to turn down free cake, I rationalised my decision based on the fact that I’m actually a bit of a cake snob. 

I don’t dislike cake, no, not at all. A delicious moist carrot cake, a citrus sharp lemon drizzle, a gooey indulgent rich chocolate cake, or a towering high light sponge smothered in jam and buttercream. I guess cake has to work hard to turn me on. Therefore, a supermarket bought my little pony cake, or a cake built to survive long distance Royal Mail travel just doesn’t do it for me. I’d rather exchange the calories for the entire bowl of salt and vinegar twists.

Because there is cake, and then there is CAKE.

In terms of my own baking creations, I’ve given a few a go over the years but aside from my signature Lemon Drizzle and my Mums secret recipe chocolate cake (not so secret) they’ve never been a huge success.

And so, whilst contemplating Tig’s recent sixth Unicorn birthday party, I had decided against whipping up a Unicorn cake of my own, having not quite recovered from the rainbow cake disaster of my Mums 60th a few weeks back.

In a fortunate twist of fate, I was contacted by a lovely lady named Kate; the uber cool Mum behind Eat and Mess bakery in my very own Kent (albeit the other side from me, in Deal).

Kate runs a micro bakery and baking school offering relaxed and informal baking lessons, or she can do the hard work for you. Seriously wish I lived closer to Deal because Kates baked goods look out of this world…move aside Paul Hollywood!

Kate so kindly offered to send me a cake for an upcoming event, and a quick scroll through her epic Insta feed revealed she has quite a talent for not only pastries and instagram friendly biscuits, but she is a Unicorn Cake maker of dreams.

The deal sealed, we had the delivery date set (by hand – No Royal Mail for this cake thank you very much) and nothing was going to stop us now.

Oh, except a foot or so of snow.

Yep, it was with a broken heart we both agreed trekking across Kent (with kids in transit) to deliver our cake amidst #TheBeastFromTheEast to deliver a cake was probably a risk too far.

It’s funny because in all the years of parties, and supermarket bought cakes, I’ve never had to appreciate the centrepiece that a stunning cake is. But the fact of the matter was, that this Unicron had become the focal point of our Unicorn party, and without it, it just didn’t feel whole again.

With the snow slowly thawing away, and my Kit & Caboodle unicorn party kit set to go, I totally could have gone ahead with the party that weekend. But without THAT cake, I kinda didn’t want to. And so, we delayed the party by 7 days and the delivery date was reset, the birthday girls distracted by building a snowman and the invitations amended.

And then, 7 days later, she was here…

I’m so glad we made that decision, because frankly, the Eat and Mess Unicorn cake stole the show on the day of the party. Not only was she the prettiest cake I’ve ever seen, but also the most delicious one I’ve ever sunk my teeth into. With three layers of fluffy sponge, sandwiched with jam and buttercream, plus oodles of sparkly whipped buttercream frosting this was easily the most incredible baked creation we have ever seen, let alone got to sing happy birthday around.

It’s always a tiny bit devastating to cut up something as beautiful as this cake, and whilst I contemplating my Mums tactic of storing the cake in the freezer forever more (yes she actually did that with a cake back in the 80’s – it might even still be there now under the peas) to not enjoy the taste of this cake would be a travesty.

In fact, I have enough cake to feed a small army so made sure all the kids took home a slab to share with their family. That said, we still have plenty here to enjoy with a brew this week. If only I had a pound for every parent who commented on the amazing cake, and whether I’d made it! Tempted as I was to say ‘oh yes, just whipped it up yesterday’ all credit deservedly goes to Kate of Eat and Mess.

All in all, having never considered getting a ‘proper’ cake made for a family event, I’ve seen the light. A new bar has been set, and I’m not sure colin the caterpillar is ever going to cut it again.

Because there is cake, and then there is CAKE.


Disclosure: We were SO lucky to be gifted this cake by Eat and Mess in exchange for a review. All opinions are MINE as is the leftovers of the cake, woo hoo!


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