Uncommon Goods: Gorgeous garden gifts

As the warmer weather here in the UK slowly emerges, it’s the perfect time to start prettying up your garden for some summer entertaining and outdoor living. 

I’ve always been a lover of little trinkets and quirky outdoor ornaments to turn a standard garden into a magical wonderland, and let’s face it these types of bits make the perfect gifts for the people in your life who already have everything! With a family as massive as mine, I definitely have a few of those to buy for… I normally turn to the local garden centre for inspiration, but it’s time to up my game.

Step in Uncommon Goods… a US based website which has every gift scenario covered; Father’s Day, Birthday, Graduation… there’s a gift solution for everyone and you can guarantee the pieces listed will be a total one off.

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As a bit of a tree hugger myself, what I also love about this brand is it’s ethical approach to trading; with a strong ethos of social responsibility and environmental sustainability, Uncommon Goods is standing tall for its beliefs.

Uncommon Goods does not trade in leather, feather or fur. They believe in treating their employees and provide a fair wage and health insurance to all. Focusing on online marketing, paper catalogues are minimised and printed on FSC certified recycled paper. I like these guys.

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To be honest, having had a browse through the online site, I’ve fallen in love with a few of their items too.

Here’s a roundup of my absolute faves…

Vintage Tortoise Stepping Stones, £79.51

I’ve followed in the tortoise loving steps of my parents, as readers of my blog might know. These little dudes would be so adorable wandering through the garden and I know this is one gift my step-dad would just adore. What’s not to love?

Vintage Tortoise Stepping Stones - Set of 3

Spiky Owl Chime, £28.46

My Mum and I have a private joke about Owls. For some reason, her work colleagues once misunderstood a passing statement and were lead to believe she loves Owls. Whilst she doesn’t have anything against Owls, she’s never had the heart to correct them on this one and as a result has been bought Owl gifts for years. I think this is hilarious and like to encourage the situation buying her Owl paraphernalia as often as possible. One day I’m sure I’ll know she’s watching over me with some Owl based signs, or vice versa! #SoMorbid. #ThatsHowWeRoll.

Spiky Owl Chime

Succulent Living Wall Planter, £92.07

Wow, just wow. Now this is the perfect gift for my plant obsessed husband. Nothing to do with the fact that I absolutely adore it, honest guv. This little gem is so bang on trend it would look incredible on any wall, indoor or out, and quite frankly, I want one.

Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit

Forest Birds Mobile, £26.78

This sweet little sparrows tending their nest would look lovely blowing in the wind over our back patio. They really remind me of some wall art we have in the Mouse’s nursery.

Forest Birds Mobile

Garden Bluetooth Speaker, £66.96

Such a great idea. Functional and ornamental this flower speaker would be perfect in the patio area which is set way back from the house, and forever causing us background music dilemmas. Blast from the house and disturb the neighbours no more.

Garden Bluetooth Speaker

Clifford The copper eating Caterpillar, £25.11

Oh hello Clifford. Yes, you are rather lovely and you’d be a welcome addition to any garden. Who wouldn’t want a very hungry caterpillar to share the sunshine with?

Clifford the Copper Eating Caterpillar

I think this collection gives a taster of what the site offers, and that’s without even touching on the jewellery, personalised gifts, fun or home categories. Enjoy…


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post


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