Trixie on Wheels! Baby Born Remote Control City Scooter Review

At the start of 2019 I made a conscious decision to step back a little from doing toy reviews, after all the girls already have so much, it was beginning to get a little uncomfortable accepting more.

I have to say that there is one toy brand where an exception had to be made, and when Zapf creation asked if the girls would like to extend their Baby born collection, how could I decline?

The back story is that our eldest daughter fell in love in a huge way with a Baby Born big sister doll last summer; Trixie has been part of the family ever since. She has a wardrobe to envy (thanks to Father Christmas bringing her the Baby Born Boutique), a spot at the table and sleeps beside Tigs every night.

I guess with changes on the horizon, as I return to work, I wanted to give the girls an opportunity to get something I know they would absolutely LOVE from the blog which they have unknowingly been such a huge part of. So, I asked if they would like to toy test the Baby Born Scooter, and let’s just say they were watching out for the postman every single day.

The Scooter and helmet arrived whilst the girls were at school, giving me the opportunity to give the toy a good inspection, get some photos and have a little play myself.

Within the box comes the scooter and remote control, and a bundle of stickers to personalise the pink moped. Tigs wasted no time in making sure Trixie’s wheels were ready to go…

Prior to play the remote control and scooter require battery installation which was straight forward and easy to do. Once you’re powered up and switched on, the scooter is ready to ride!

We have plenty of hard floors in our home and it took no time for Trixie to be whizzing around the house, to the delight of Tigs and the Mouse. The remote controls are basic and simple to use for little hands and six year old Tigs had no problem at all cracking the navigation.

With flashing lights and a back carrying device for teddies to hitch a ride, this is a toy which is going to bring hours of fun. It’s taking Tigs’ love for Trixie to a new level and is an entirely different type of toy for her to experience. Having never had a remote control toy before this is perfect for introducing her to using her fingers and thumbs to control a robotic toy, something which is a gentle and fun taster of technology, as well as cause and effect.

Almost a year of being together and on the brink of turning seven, Tigs’ love for Trixie is showing no signs of waning. Seeing her rush out of school every day desperate to play babies with her sister will honestly be one of the most adorable memories of her childhood, and it continues to develop the nurturing side of her which I know will be a huge part of her future.

Tigs and Trixie, best friends always.


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