Trinkets and treasures; Disney Emoji review

I don’t know if it’s a little girl thing, but my two girls cannot get enough of small collectible trinkets. They have them stuffed in every drawer, bag, little box and pocket, and despite me thinking they are all just ‘stuff’, they seem to remember every single little knick knack as though it’s a piece of treasure.

We were asked to try out the new Disney Emoji range of toys and collectibles, and needless to say, I knew they’d be just the kind of thing our daughters would love. After all, they are massive Disney fans (like their Mum), and since the Emoji movie hit Sky Cinema, they are all about these digital emoticons too. A combination in toy form? G-Unit heaven.

What the Disney Emoji range has done is combine some of our timeless favourite Disney characters, with a 2018-tastic digital twist. A surprise element thrown in and a collectors list to work through means these are the kind of trinkets you’ll want to keep adding to, playing swapsies with, and hoping for those all important limited edition pieces.

In our parcel we received enough to share between the girls and keep them both happy!

The #ChatBubble

This fun and stackable little bubble comes with two emojis to get your collection started. The mouse was over the moon with her Kermit and Ariel.

Disney Emoji The #Chat Collection

A phone styled tin to store your collection of Disney Emojis, plus a bonus two emojis too. The Mouse got a chip and Tinkerbell in hers, and has wasted no time in using it to store all of her emojis. Although, Chip was found rogue in my pocket on a milk run. They get about these emojis! Off to the cupboard with you now Chip!

Disney Emoji Minnie Mouse #Swapsie

This cute little cushion doubles up as a fun plush which allows you to swap up Minnies mood with multiple expression stick on pieces. With a little pocket to store the extra bits in the back, Tigs loves her Minnie mouse and has used the pocket to store her emoji’s in too.

Disney Emoji #Chatpack

For Tigs, a set of four emoji mini figures, and one bonus hidden emoji too. Which one will it be? Her set included a Tinkerbell, Golden Buzz, Mickeys Thumbs up, Pumba and a bonus squishy Jasmine (her favourite). All safely tucked away in her secret stash!


Disney Emoji Ariel #Chatties

Another soft and squishy Disney Emoji – but this one has the added bonus of being a chatty little plush. Give it a squeeze and Ariel makes over ten different sounds. Also available in Olaf, Nemo and Sulley.

All of the Disney Emoji collection we received were part of Series 2 of the Disney Emoji range. Each character is available in 4 special facial expressions so there are plenty of Disney Emojis to collect. With rose gold and glittery finishes to look out for too, the specials are ones to hunt down and keep safe from your little sister!



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