The toys are taking over

There is no escaping it. The toys. They are slowly taking over our house.

It seems no matter how much moving around, or ‘clearing out’ we do, the problem is growing. Probably compounded by our enormous extended family, addition of a second daughter, and two birthdays and Christmas in the last 5 months.

I’m also somewhat attached to them all…as are the girls. Each one a little memory of a point in time it was ‘the favourite’. We did attempt a ‘clear out’ pre-Christmas of the real babyish toys, but the sight of a black bin bag was a bit too much for our eldest. (Probably due to the connection with black sacks being where toys go when you’re really, really naughty).

We are of course so incredibly lucky, and I don’t want to lose sight of that.

But… we are going to seriously have to get better at rotating, donating, storing or archiving the play selection if we don’t want to be up to our necks in dolls, cuddly toys and ‘party bag tat’ by the time the girls fly the nest.

So, for now, my temporary answer is storage. Lots of it.

And, Spring has sprung. Well, soon it might, anyway. There couldn’t be a better time to have a bit of a clear out and de-clutter. As long as it’s post 7pm, under the cover of darkness.

Once the outgrown and unloved is slyly placed in a charity sack, the remaining ‘stuff’ should all now fit in the allocated storage areas around the house.

3 x IKEA Pysslingar storage boxes in the lounge contain a huge amount of toys. They are easily stored away in a corner and allow a 6:30 pre-bath ‘tidy up time’ aka ‘dump all toys in the boxes, dim lights and light scented candles’.

PYSSLINGAR Box IKEA Can be folded to save space when not in use. Stands firmly on the floor and is open on the top for easy access to the contents.
Image from

The refurbished dining room also holds another IKEA genius solution. The Kallax storage range. Originally intended to house ‘grown up ornaments and books’ as well as kids books, toys, puzzles…yeah, that didn’t last long. But, one day I believe these shelves might be reclaimed from Peppa Pig toys, my little ponies, plastic food and disco lights. And, of course the home made ‘masterpieces’ from nursery. There is definitely a reason this storage series is so popular with parents.

KALLAX / DRÖNA Shelving unit with 2 inserts IKEA
Image from

The stationary tower…a colourful place on wheels to hold pens, paper, paints (top shelf, obv), stickers, colouring books, etc etc etc…our kids love the self sufficiency it allows, although we have to have one eye on dangermouse at all times to check she isn’t redecorating the white walls. You can find something like this here.

We’ve also ‘reallocated’ a number of toys to the garden in preparation for Spring and Summer. So they don’t get too wrecked in the damp shed we picked up some boxes like this to store them and grab as needed. After all, spreading stuff around the space you have thins it out a little?

And then of course, there is the final resting place, known as the loft. For those childhood memories that you never know, you just might regret getting rid of one day. Box it up, say ‘see you soon’, and who knows when it’ll be brought down again for a trip down memory lane.





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