The toddler holiday buggy conundrum solved with @KiddiesKingdom and the Joie Nitro Stroller

With just 8 weeks until we take off on a family holiday with friends and all our kids, the countdown is definitely on! It’s always a sure sign you are on that countdown when you start picking up hats, shorts, new beach towels and even the odd toiletry to put aside ‘for holiday’.

Despite having learnt the hard way about the pitfalls of not packing light on our last family trip to Disneyland, there is one item that’s found itself off, on, off and back on the packing list, and that is our youngest daughters pushchair.

I mean, she is three and a half, by August just a sniff away from four, and our current pushchair, the Baby jogger Mini City hasn’t seen the light of day in months. So would we really want to be burdened with a huge bit of excess baggage as we drag our chaotic family through check in, and back out again at the other end?

I guess the short answer is yes. And with good reasons.

Holidays aren’t like any normal time. We’ll be expecting the girls to party hard into the night, go for long walks in the mediterranean sun, and hopefully for the youngest of the party of twelve, take a good midday nap to see her through to the kids evening entertainment. We’ll be hoping our little pocket rocket brings all her energy to the table to be able to last out with the thirteen year old, and failing that, be happy to snuggle up with a blanket just beside us until we’re all ready to hit the sack. Will she manage? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, we are willing to give it a try in order to not be the first back at the room at seven pm whilst everyone else enjoys the last of the evening sun.

The problem is, that my ‘last hoorah’ in pushchair purchases probably isn’t fit for purpose anymore. Thank god for the second hand pushchair trade, meaning we have said buy buy buy sell sell sell more times than the wolf of wall street.

So with a quick post on eBay, we waved goodbye to the super fun and foldable three wheeler Mini city baby jogger, and set out looking for a more compact, lightweight umbrella stroller that would see out our pushchair days till the bitter end.

This is when Kiddies Kingdom stepped in and offered us a trial product from their range of baby and child products. The site offers amazing deals on everything a parent needs for their kids; from nursery furniture to highchairs, car seats to pram travel systems, safety equipment, toys, oh, and super conveniently for us….strollers and pushchairs.


I wish I’d discovered this website before we were reaching the end of that parenting stage that you need to buy ALL OF THE STUFF. But alas we were just in time for one last major baby item.

From the selection of strollers on offer, we narrowed our hunt down to the Joie Nitro Stroller in Skewed lines Pink. This was based on the simple design and footprint, lightweight (just under 8kg) and of course the colour which we knew the girls would love. (It’s main colour is purple with an accent shade of pink stripes). It’s RRP is £90 and is currently on sale for £69.95.

Joie Nitro Stroller-Skewed Lines Pink (New 2018)

As soon as the box arrived, I knew we’d made the right decision. It’s light and small packaging reflected exactly what we’d been hoping for, and in just a few simple clicks of the parts within the box, and the stroller was ready to go.

The pushchair is suitable for children 0-36 months, or a weight of under 15kg. Thus, our almost four year old is well within the range and has a long way to go until she is too heavy for this stroller. The back rest reclines into a comfortable sleeping position and the calf support is also adjustable into an up or down position. The wheels can click in or out of locked or swivel mode and the harnesses are simple and fuss free.

Of course with small kids, the irony is they want to get ina buggy when you least want them to, and when it’s there, they’d rather run off / have a carry / throw a hissy fit. We are hoping the appeal of a new stroller will mean our little runaway is happy to be strapped in safe when we need to know exactly where she is; namely at passport control as opposed to whilst we are doing the macarena.

She certainly seems interested in it so far, but maybe has the wrong end of the stick…!

The Joie Nitro has soft cushioned handles, a handy under chassis storage basket, a small folding hood and a handy carry strap.

It collapses using the standard mechanism on umbrella folding strollers, one that comes so naturally with a flick up and a press down of your foot. The rain cover came included, but here’s hoping we won’t be needing that in Greece this August!

Aside from our foreign holiday, in reality we aren’t quite ready to go entirely pushchair free. As we found out on our recent trip to Eastbourne, when you have small legs, lots of walking can prove quite a challenge and ultimately leaves lots of shoulder carries for Dad Muddling Through. I’m confident the Joie Nitro will live happily in our boot ready for plenty of days out over the summer of 2018 and beyond, and when the day comes, we’ll be sad to say goodbye to our pushchair days for good.


Disclosure: We were sent the Joie Nitro pushchair by Kiddies Kingdom. All opinions are our own.

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