The Mouses dream Horse with @PetplanEquine

You may recall a month or so ago, PetPlan made one little girls dreams come true when they created Tig’s dream pet; Nina the Snow Eagle.

Like any strong sibling rivalry, her little sister wanted in on the action. And, sure that she too could create her dream animal, she set to work on her dream pony, courtesy of Petplan Equine.


Now, bear in mind The Mouse is three, and has a little more, let’s say, quirk than her sister. Her imagination can go to some pretty surreal places, and so with this in mind, I’d like to introduce you to her dream horse.

Meet Mickey.

As you can CLEARLY see, Mickey the horse has a beautiful white coat, with dappled red. He has red back legs and hooves, two red ears, a blue mane, yellow wings, and some yellow underbelly fluff.

Now, as we popped off the magnificent image to Petplan Equine (with some apologies about the lack of accuracy to an actual horse) we wondered what on earth would come back to us.

I have to say, Tig’s bird was pretty impressive, but Mickey the horsie stole the show…

I suppose in his imperfect form, the soft toy recreation of Mickey was just, well, perfect.

Little C (The Mouse to  you) has taken such wonderful care of Mickey, it’s melted me. She has tucked him into a crib at night, with a blanket well over his head (he likes it dark) and made sure he has plenty of water to drink.

But when it comes to feeding Mickey things get a little bit dark, because according to The Mouse, Mickey eats Unicorns. Yes, Unicorns. Who could dream up such a thing?!

We have also established that Mickey is 36.75 (“Older than you Mummy) and likes to sleep “With Daddies”.

On that note we decided to stop venturing into the mind of our three year old and get back to marvelling the creation that PetPlan delivered.

We love Mickey.

So huge thanks to PetPlan Equine for getting The Mouse to meet her little pony. For allowing her in on the fun of this campaign, and for giving all of us a huge smile as we got to take one of our daughters first drawings and turn it into something kind of gorgeous that we can keep for the rest of time.

About Petplan Equine

Petplan has been offering pet owners a way of caring for their beloved animals since 1976, and  – a responsible and practical way of ensuring your pets can be put back on their feet should they fall unwell. Understanding the specific needs of horse owners, Petplan are committed to helping owners get their beloved horses back to health following illness or injury. PetPlan Equine offers a market leading Covered for Life policy as well as 12 month policies that are designed to suit all needs.

As well as letting you put your animal love into practice they also work hard with animal rehoming charities to support the welfare of as many animals as possible; since 1994 the Petplan Charitable trust has worked with over 1,200 UK charities and raised over £7million for the welfare of animals.

To read more about Petplan’s Pet Equine Insurance, head over to their website


Disclosure: This post was made possible by PetPlan but all thoughts Snow Easgles and Unicorn eating ponies are our own


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