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With each Christmas that rolls by it feels more pertinent to push the boundaries and stretch the imagination when it comes to gifts. After all, I’ve been buying some people presents for over three decades.

Particularly in the currant climate, is there anything worse than knowing a gift you gave in good faith became redundant, unused and tossed aside from the very moment it was torn from its non recyclable gift wrap and removed from the layers of excess single use plastic packaging.

When it comes to the girls, despite their love of small collectible plastic things (which end up lost or at the bottom of the toy box) I’m clamping down on irrelevant pieces of plastic, in favour for something less, well, temporary? Consumable?

Of course it’s hard to eradicate plastic from beneath the tree, but perhaps by being more mindful of the purchasing choices, opting for quality over quantity, we can make small changes.

For Tigs, who has developed a love of computer games, we have gone second hand and scoured the internet for previously loved collectibles for an add on playstation game. We took this stance in the Sylvanian family phase of 2015 and it paid off…

But beyond the children, I’m looking for sustainability features in gifts across the board. Gifts that serve a purpose and a function, which help the environmental crisis of plastic pollution and single use waste.

With that in mind, I was delighted to take a close look at the range of products designed by Global Wake Cup who work closely with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS). Their range of sustainable Bamboo reusable cups, bags and straws challenge the single use cup culture which currently sees 100 billion coffee cups end up in landfill every year.

With this in mind, there is no excuse for every single one of us having a reusable coffee cup on their person for that caffeine fix moment; and if that reusable cup is NOT made from plastic? Even better still.

I was sent a Coffee cup, a seahorse water bottle, a glass tea infuser, a WakeBag and the small but perfectly formed bamboo wakecup straw.

My initial impressions on the WakeCup range are that of high quality, artistic designs which would not look out of place on the shelves of Selfridges. Probably why they can be found on the shelves of Selfridges.

Of course, the beauty of a gift like this is that it serves both form and function – perhaps something that one would not buy for ones self, but a useful part of daily life on the go. I already realise exactly who each of these items is perfect for in our extended family.

The WakeBag was a real conversation starter in our home – what is that material? And who could you see wearing this bag?

In actual fact, despite seeming a paper bag of sorts, this bag is made from a weave of paper poly fibres; spun and then bonded together to create the look of brown paper, but with the durability and thickness of the strongest rucksack.

Entirely vegan and waterproof, this bag will soften and improve with age. It is plenty big enough for a laptop (and reusable coffee cup, obvs) and would be a simple stylish bag that would be a brilliant gift and right on trend too, in more ways than one.

The glass tea infuser is of an exceptional high quality – with thick glass and stainless steel detailing and a branded bamboo lid. It’s the perfect gift for a tea-pot like me, and serves your tea ready to drink, transport and keep warm without the need to use plastic based teabags. Another win of planetary proportions.

One of the things I love about these products, is that with the best intentions of reducing plastic in our lives, let’s be honest and admit that reusable cups have a short lifespan. They get droppped, broken, smashed and they go manky. Far quicker than is probably offset on the number of paper cups it was designed to replace.

By keeping your reusable drinkware biodegradable, it feels a little less hypocritical than filling your kitchen cupboards with a crazy number of plastic cups, to fight the plastic pollution problem.

It’s all steps in the right direction, but it’s time to wakeCup and smell the coffee.


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