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It may be the height of summer in Australia, but over here in Blighty it was minus five when I had to scrape the ice off the car windscreen in the dark this morning.

Perhaps not the ideal time to review a sand repellent beach towel.

But let’s not be defeatist here. I know a high end product when I see one and in preparation for our 2020 travels (destination yet to be decided), a lightweight extra massive towel is going to get it’s fair share of usage when the time comes.

Until then, I will happily tell you all I know about Tesalate towels, and why I’m happy to share this product as a MMT reccommended item for 2020.

I have to admit, back on our USA vaycay in the spring, I caught sight of some low bulk, quick drying towels which ignited the ‘must have’ section of my brain. Any parent doesn’t need to have the benefits of extra suitcase space explained.

What stands out about the Australian Tesalate towel brand is that as well as the sand free technology, and the ability to absorb water then evaporate it off again super quickly (why have I never had one of these on a caravan holiday) is the incredible double sided designs. At £49 for a standard size, the range of colourful designs is a killer of a choice. If you love a botanical print (I know I do) then you are going to be in Club Tropicana heaven.

The bright colour and vibrant repeating patterns will take your breath away and leave you agonising over which design to choose. I know, I was.

My selected design ‘bohemian’ is perfect for anyone who loves to bring the colour. It’s the most popular design for a good reason and the contrasting monochrome underside is uber cool for those moments you fancy a less lary beach towel backdrop.

What really grabbed me however was the less than standard double beach towel size. (Towel For Two £79) For those romantic moments (HA HA WHO ARE YOU KIDDING!) moments that the kids just need to be near you. I’m therefore renaming this Towel for two plus two. I can vouch for the towel being massive; definitely plenty of room to wriggle out of a wet cozzie on a British beach under there.

What this feature screams to me is summer picnic blanket – a super fly alternative to the patchwork mish mash of old beach towels you laid out on the sand, or worse still, the old duvet cover your Mum insisted will work just fine for the beach. I mean, it does, but…

Perfect for slinging in the boot in its storage bag, or in your rucksack on a day out, this beauty has a lot of ground covered.

Yes this is a towel that is more than a towel. It’s that too of course and it’s going to be a snuggle them up (snuggle me up) perfection under the summer sunshine. The girls are already quite taken with it and have had some indoor ‘whole new world’ moments.

Our Tesalate towel is going to have to wait a few more frosty months before it fulfills it’s sunny day picnic blanket destiny, but in the meantime it’s serving another pretty spectacular function right here in our play room.

And camp life just got cranked up a notch.


You can get a 10% discount on a Tesalate Towel by subscribing to their newsletter here.

Disclosure: Item gifted for the purpose of this review

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