Stuffing Stockings with @Smiggle_

At the time of writing this, there is just one last shopping weekend prior to Christmas, and thanks to my abundant use of annual leave in the Spring lockdown, I have just one day off work before Christmas eve.

Truth is, my usual preparedness is running somewhat behind. Partly due to the avoidance of bustling places, part due to the closure of shops throughout November, and partly thanks to being dealt two separate quarantine periods through contact cases at the girls schools.

But in the words of Robbie Williams, you can’t stop Christmas, and in just a number of days time, two little girls will be squealing “He’s been!” bleary eyed and full of anticipation to find what treats lay in their sacks at the foot of their bed.

Last week, I was drawing a blank, but a lightbulb moment and a twist of luck came my way in the shape of a smile and a giggle, a colourful assault on the senses, and every little girls dream shop… Smiggle.

As luck would have it, I stumbled upon the last day of the Christmas sale, bagging myself a bargain load of goodies for the kids in just a few clicks.

Apologies for the lack of natural daylight in my pictures… Daytime photography was out of the question for obvious reasons!

I know that the pieces I picked will both bring short term excitement and long term joy, encouraging creativity and screen free play.

So here are the steals I sneaked… courtesy of Santa

Sleepy Sprouts Scented Markers And Glitter Glue Pack (£10) On sale for £6

Unicorn Letter Writing Set (£15) On sale for £10.50

Budz Squishies (£7) On sale for £4.90

Character Fluffy Sand (£7) On sale for £4

Vending Pals scented erasers (£4.50) On sale for £3

I’m pretty happy with the quality and quantity of pieces I was able to buy for less than £50, and the fact I was able to grab some bargains without having to go in store.

It’s worth knowing that Standard Delivery is free over £40, and last orders for Christmas must be placed by 17th December. Alternatively, express orders can be placed until 19th December. Sale prices may vary.

All I need now is a few chocolate pennies and a satsuma, and I am sorted. And that is one less thing for me to be thinking about…


Disclosure: I was gifted a Smiggle voucher to try out the Christmas range. All opinions are my own.
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