A spook-tacular #Halloween delivery from @Tesco

There is absolutely nothing unusual about seeing a Tesco delivery van outside our home. Since the littles arrived, the option to have our shopping carried to the fridge by a lovely Mr/Mrs Tesco (as opposed to reaching the checkout close to tears, hot and stressed out) has been our preferred method.

This week however, our Tesco delivery got the kids peeking out of the window in excitement, the neighbours curtains twitching and the passers by beeping their horns…


You see, whilst we have never had two Tesco delivery drivers the same, we have definitely never had one that looks like this:


Meet Alex, and his spooky Halloween pimped up Tesco delivery van.

After a huge amount of encouragement, we managed to get the girls to say hi. You see, Alex is funny not scary. Honest. I wouldn’t normally encourage my kids to accept sweeties from a total [strange looking green] stranger, but in the name of Halloween, we can make an exception. And after all, he’s just another Mr Tescos! They took the bait as expected however the pop up monster hand got them back in the kitchen screaming from behind the closed door as quick as you can say ‘Trick or Treat’. (How are they going to cope come the 31st?!).


With a bit of trust in Mummy, and the word ‘present’ (again, not the greatest life lesson for the kids) the girls agreed to come back out to see what was in Alex’s special van, under the close supervision of Mummy of course.



They didn’t regret it… As Alex flipped the trap door, rolling pumpkins, creepy music, fog, dancing skeletons and pop up party dresses had the girls were fixated! As Alex unpacked our Halloween shopping from Tesco, giggles (and reassuring cuddles) commenced. We got an incredible range of goodies which will be put to great use in a couple of weeks for The Mouse’s 2nd birthday party – on Halloween weekend.




Tigs talked about Alex and his funny van until bedtime, and the Mouse couldn’t bumble through telling Daddy all about the “Green man gone” quick enough when he got home. This was a midweek tea time we won’t forget in a hurry.


When you have a halloween birthday, you can never have enough Halloween paraphernalia – cobwebs, eerie signs, and talking treat bowls. Now we are totally stocked up, and the Tesco Halloween range will be put to good use for years to come.


Plus of course, we have the all important dress up outfits for this coming Halloween. A sparkly dress is always going to get well used in our home, and this Elsa-meets-spider-girl beauty is going to go down a storm for any little diva needing to make an impression at a Halloween party. Tig’s little eyes lit up when she saw that the beautiful dress from the van was in our shopping crate.


And then there’s the mini-sidekick, who we can still get away with dressing in a funny little monster suit. Those days are numbered so we’re going to make the most of this hilarious franken-tot get up!

We also looted trick or treat goodies to avoid the egg on the door and flour on the pathway (here’s hoping that’s a dying tradition). That’s always needed for the cupboards at this time of year.And, finally some fantastic party tableware which will be perfect for that second birthday.

So now all I need to do is get planning that party! Watch this space…


Disclosure: This post is written in collaboration with Tesco.

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